WINTER CAMPING | Experience nature during an overnight stay in winter

Unzip your tent and see the low-hanging mist among the trees. It's mid-December, and you've decided to spend the weekend at a campsite in the woods. As you step outside, you hear the frost crunch beneath your shoes. With a freshly brewed coffee in your hand, settle into one of the chairs where you spent the previous evening gazing at the stars. Time to recharge. 


There are several campsites in the Netherlands where you can stay in the winter. Not everywhere is open for the winter season as the cold demands particular measures to make things liveable and comfortable. You can stay at a winter campsite in your own tent or at a safari lodge. Not all campsites have heated facilities (such as bathrooms, electricity, hot water, etc.), making your stay truly off the grid! If you prefer a bit more luxury, book a night at a winter campsite with heated amenities. Whatever you choose, prepare yourself for the cold with thermal clothing and warm blankets. 


The air in nature is of a different quality to the air in towns and villages. Many woodland trees and plants contain substances that contribute to clean air and increased oxygen levels. This causes high humidity, reducing respiratory problems and positively impacting the skin and mucous membranes. Perform a short breathing exercise to help you reconnect with yourself and clear your mind. 


Go back to basics by escaping into the wild nature. For the ultimate camping experience, book a spot at a winter campsite without water or power. Pack light and pitch your own tent. Only bring the essentials and leave laptops and tablets at home. Leave the car in the car park and cycle to the local market. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables and make yourself a delicious vegetarian meal. 


Mindfully slow down and experience gratitude. There is a special beauty in nature's pristine forests, wildlife and abundant history. Let us inspire you to experience this beauty with a range of indoor and outdoor activities. 


Observe the vibrant nature around your tent with binoculars or the naked eye. Watch the birds carry out their complete routines above your head and take note of their behaviour. Explore which animals are at eye level or below, and which are only to be seen high up in the trees. 


Wander through the forest with a camera in search of a specific bird, plant or tree. Or simply capture what you find beautiful. Look around and soak in the scenery: what details would you miss if you were in a rush? Find a frozen lake and try to capture the ice crystals up close with your lens. With a little bit of luck, you might capture a squirrel or even a wild boar on camera. 


Find a spot in the forest or near your tent and immerse yourself even deeper into your surroundings by sketching what you can see. Have you brought your painting supplies? Even better! By mindfully observing the colours of your surroundings, you truly experience what’s happening around you. Take all the time you need for your artwork – there's no hurry. 


There are various places in the Netherlands where you can go completely off the grid in winter. Opt for a back-to-basics experience by bringing your own tent to a campsite without amenities like electricity and running water or go for winter glamping instead. 
Winter camping is a wonderful way to slow down and connect with nature. Mindfully observe your surroundings and appreciate nature's beauty to fully enjoy the moment. Whether you prefer going completely back to basics or staying at a glamping site, winter camping is for everyone.