With ancient palaces, cosy squares, and a rich culture, Marrakech is a destination you don't want to miss out on. Situated at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, this royal city transports you to a completely different atmosphere. Whether you seek the busy city life or the tranquillity of the desert, Marrakech offers a unique travel experience for everyone. 

Place Djema el Fna 

Stroll past colourful market stalls, get a taste of a lot of spices, or dance to lively Arabic music. It’s all possible at Morocco's most famous square; Place Djema el Fna. In the past, this was the place for Africans and Europeans to trade, and even now, there is much to experience. The square is filled with fruit stalls, street performers, and exotic animals like snakes. 

Make sure to return when the sun is setting. The square fills with picnic tables and many stalls that offer delicious food. The scent of roasted vegetables and grilled meat lingers in the air. Locals often visit this square to enjoy the many tasty dishes. If you want to visit a less crowded market, try Place des Ferblantiers. This square is located close to the Bahia Palace. 

Tip:  In the evening, head to a rooftop bar and admire the hustle and bustle of the square from above. 

Shop in the medina 

Place Djema el Fna is located in the medina, which translates to the oldest part of the city. There is so much more to see in this neighbourhood. Enter one of the many alleys that lead off the square, and you'll come across numerous shops. From handmade jewellery or hammam soap to colourful clothing and countless spices. Here, you'll undoubtedly find something to take home with you in your suitcase. It's easy to immerse yourself in the scents and colours of the market, so don't be too strict to stick to a specific route. And don't forget to haggle, as it's quite common in Morocco. 

Stay in a traditional riad 

Although the streets of Marrakech may have a modest appearance, this image can quickly change once you step behind the doors. Step into a riad, a traditional Moroccan house or palace with a courtyard. The rooms where you can stay overnight are usually built around this garden. 

These houses are often hidden in the alleys of the medina. A riad serves to protect residents from the heat but also to offer a bit of privacy. By staying at a riad, you also support the local population. Large commercial riads don't exist. In addition to supporting the local community, the owner of the riad will often share the best local spots with you, making your visit to Marrakech complete. 

Escape the busy city and stay in a desert camp 

If you're looking for a bit more peace and a place outside the city, then a desert camp is the ideal place to stay. As the name suggests, this is located in the desert. You'll have your own tent, which is usually fully equipped, including electricity. There's often a pool at these desert camps and various activities to do - like a cooking class or hiking tours. 

From these desert camps, you can also venture further into the desert. In many cases, it's possible to rent a mountain bike or quad on-site. This way, you can easily explore the area. You can do this alone, but it's advisable to hire a tour guide. This way, you're less likely to get lost, and you can always rely on them if something unexpected happens. Make sure to wear clothes that can get dirty; by the end of the day, you'll have brought a lot of sand with you. 

The Atlas Mountains 

Marrakech is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, making it a perfect base from which to explore nature. The mountains are characterised by their pointed rock formations, deep gorges, and breath-taking viewpoints. You can choose to put on your hiking boots and discover the Atlas Trail for several days. Walk through unknown mountain villages, climb the highest peaks, and camp under the starry sky at night. 

It's also an option to take a day tour to escape the busy city and head into the mountains. A multi-day trip is not necessarily needed to get a taste of the Atlas Mountains. A day trip to the Imlil Valley is a good option. During the drive to the small mountain village of Imlil, you'll pass gorgeous viewpoints. In the village itself, you can take beautiful walks to explore the valley. There are also plenty of restaurants serving authentic Moroccan dishes, so you'll never leave on an empty stomach!