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The new Fusion collection is a combination of two iconic eras: the 1950s and the 1970s.  

After the dark 40s, economic recovery in the post-war 50s brought back optimism. Fresh pastel colours became the symbol of this positive change. The 70s were the years when idealism took the lead. A sense of open-mindedness, of love, peace and happiness, with a renewed interest in nature, became the norm. Natural, earthy colours became authentic.  

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INSPIRATION behind the collection

For some time, we have been running with an idea in our heads, and now we can finally share it with you. The new SUITSUIT collection: Fusion. A
combination between the optimism of the 1950s and the idealism of the 1970s. Two iconic eras. Read more about the story behind the new

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Warm tones and natural materials

In the Fusion collection, pastel colours reflect the optimistic and initiative-loving spirit of the 50s. Warm tones and natural materials represent the idealistic mindset of the 70s. After recent years of turbulence and crisis, these two eras together create a welcome sense of calm. 

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Fusion - Rose Pearl - Carry-on (20 inch)

Carry-on (20 inch)

Fusion - Dusty Yellow - Check-in (28 inch)

Check-in (28 inch)

Fusion - Misty Green - Luggage Set (20/28 inch)
Gift IdeaDEAL

Luggage Set (20/28 inch)

€349,95 €359,90
Fusion - Wheat Straw - Beach Bag

Beach Bag


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