Ready for your next trip? Find out how to make the most of your built-in TSA lock for maximum security. 

Set your TSA lock with ease 

Setting your TSA lock is easy. Take a look at our step-by-step video for clear instructions. Here are the steps summarised again:

Step 1: Set the digits of the lock to "0-0-0" or your last chosen combination. 
Step 2: Slide the dial to the right to unlock the lock. 
Step 3: Grab a pen and use it to press down on the silver reset button until you hear a click. 
Step 4: Turn the digits to the desired 3-digit code. 
Step 5: Slide the dial back to the right to set the new code. 

Voilà, your new TSA lock code is now set! Unlock the case by sliding the button in the direction of the pullers, the reset button will then click back up. Travel without worry, knowing that we are there for you, even in the most unexpected situations.

So what is a TSA lock? 

At first sight, a TSA lock looks like an ordinary combination slot. However, what makes this lock special is that it can be opened harmlessly at the airport by authorised personnel. With a TSA lock, you are well prepared for travelling to countries where this type of lock may be mandatory. Your suitcase remains securely locked during your trip, while security authorities can quickly and efficiently access it when needed. 

Forgot your TSA lock code?

We got you! 

It happens to the best of us. You hastily packed your suitcase and forgot your TSA lock code. This is inconvenient, but fortunately, it's fixable. Unfortunately, there's no handy or quick trick to restore your code, as that would make it easy for others to access your suitcase. The only solution is to try all 999 number combinations. Although this may seem time-consuming, it will take no longer than thirty minutes. 

Discover our SUITSUIT suitcases with integrated TSA locks 

Travel safely and in style with our SUITSUIT suitcases equipped with built-in TSA locks. Designed with thought, our suitcases allow you to be on your way to your next destination with absolute certainty. Throughout your travels, your luggage will remain untouched, secure, and well-protected. Our SUITSUIT suitcases with integrated TSA locks equip you to explore the world with confidence. 

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