Fab seventies

The Fab Seventies collection is inspired by a renewed need for balance. We live in turbulent times and feel constant pressure to do well. Luckily, we increasingly realise that a hectic life is not always a good thing. There is a need for tranquillity, structure and balance. For getting away from the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoying the simple things.

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The need for tranquillity, structure and balance is stronger than ever.

Warm tones and simplistic lines give this collection a soothing and harmonious feeling. It gives a feeling of escapism from the turmoil of the everyday life. Immerse yourself in the earthy colours and minimalistic finishes of the Fab Seventies collection. Now available in three new colours. 

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These days, it seems quite normal to always be busy. With our careers, family and social lives. Also, with our endless striving to meet the expectations the world has of us. We are always there for someone else while we often forget to take care of ourselves. Doing nothing for a day quickly feels rebellious. Fortunately, we are starting to realise more and more that a hectic life is not always a good thing. As a result, we look for structure and tranquillity. Read more about the story behind Fab Seventies: creating balance.  

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