We empower women through travel because we  believe that empowered women, empower the world. It is our aim to inspire female globetrotters and support female entrepreneurs around the world, so travel can be enriching for everyone, and every woman is able to flourish in her own authentic journey, literally and figuratively.

Empowering Women through Travel


Every travel enthusiast will agree that a beautiful journey is immensely enriching. Exploring new places, cultures, tastes, colours, scents, and languages. It allows one to undergo many unique experiences. Travelling offers the chance to meet new people and immerse yourself in the lifestyle of someone you have only just met. It will provide you with a glimpse into how locals interact with each other and the world around them.

But beyond what you, as a traveller, receive, travel also provides an opportunity to give back. To the local community and the world. In fact, we believe that conscious travel is about the connection between you as a traveller and the local community. It is about finding a balance between what you come to collect - as well as what you contribute. Only then does travel hold a positive meaning for everyone.

As a travel brand for women, we aim to be there for every woman. We believe in the connecting power of travel. The way in which it can enrich and empower you as a traveller and the female locals or communities you visit. This reciprocity is what we jump out of bed for. In order to contribute to this. We’re in business to empower women through travel.

Empowered Women Empower the World


We realise that travel, particularly air travel, is sometimes scrutinised. Questions arise about whether air travel conflicts with sustainability goals. And rightly so. As a brand that develops products to facilitate (air) travel, we do not shy away from this responsibility. We strive to minimise our environmental impact.

Yet, we believe that sustainable travel encompasses more than just ecological measures. We agree that it is essential to be more mindful of our flight miles. Together, we must try to reduce the burden on the environment as much as possible in the (travel) choices we make. However, sustainable travel, in our view, involves more than reducing our ecological footprint. Economic and social sustainability, such as equal opportunities and rewards for men and women, are just as important.

Sustainable travel is continually finding a balance between its environmental impact and positive effects on local communities. The question we try to ask ourselves with every trip is: how can we positively contribute to people (social), planet (environmental), and profit (economic) aspects, both here and at our travel destination? And, from our role as a travel brand for women: how can we also contribute to empowering women?

Tourism plays a significant role in achieving goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, set by the United Nations. This goal focuses on achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls. In a world where there is gender equality and where women and girls feel empowered and can flourish, all gender identities have equal access to opportunities for growth.

There are relatively many opportunities in the tourism sector to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for everyone. Although more women than men work in tourism worldwide, they often do not experience equal opportunities. The sector can contribute to financial independence for women with access to (equal) wages, financial stability, balance of work and private (/care) tasks, higher management positions, leadership roles, and entrepreneurship. In addition to strengthening the local economy, tourism also brings opportunities for education and training, improving infrastructure and social security, and can increase social and cultural engagement among both travellers and local communities, contributing to more awareness and policies to promote gender equality.

The focus on gender equality and empowerment of girls and women in the tourism sector contributes to a safer, more independent, and more inclusive travel market with travel opportunities for everyone. A travel market where everyone can flourish. Where everyone can thrive and be their absolute self. A travel market that brings positive change in not only the lives of working women in the sector, but that also directly influences society. Not only in local communities but also with you as a traveller – at home and abroad. As the travel brand for women, we are intrinsically motivated to make a significant contribution to this. We empower women through travel because empowered women, empower the world.


Inspire female globetrotters and support women around the world, so that travel can be enriching for everyone, and every woman is able to flourish in her own authentic journey, literally and figuratively.

As a travel brand for women, we travel. We seek destinations where, as a (female) traveller, you can not only experience an authentic journey that enriches you personally but that is also meaningful for the local host or community.

During our journey, we seek with wonder and curiosity to find inspiring trailblazers and like-minded individuals. Those who thrive. Women who forge their path and make their own choices. Regardless of prejudices or expectations about women – from themselves, others, society, or religion.

We share our experiences during our journey and involve you in what we do and who we meet. We are curious about their story, doubts, hopes, decisions, and ambitions. We want to support them and provide them with a platform, wishing to make them visible and contribute to improving the position of women in the places we visit. We hope it will inspire you, too.




We give a lot, especially to others and the world around us. We enjoy interacting and always do our utmost to help you. Depth is essential to us, as is openness and honesty. Besides being patient and thoughtful, we are also incredibly ambitious, and when it comes to creative plans, quite impulsive. We rely on our intuition and live with passion.



From time to time, we hear that we inspire others with our creativity and the choices we make. This touches us deeply. To be honest, our choices do not always get appreciation from everyone. And that is perfectly fine. We are inspired by women who are not afraid to be themselves. They intrigue us with their authenticity, courage, and independence. They spark our curiosity. Our wanderlust. Our hunger for new insights and experiences. They show us the benefit of being 100% yourself - and then we think, that is what we want too: to be the best version of ourselves and embody it.



People see us as original thinkers and doers. Free spirits. We go left where others would have gone right. Not because we seek ways to be different, no, it just happens. We have a strong intuition and trust our feelings. We dare to take a stand and stick up for who we are with choices that suit us best, even if they sometimes set us apart.



We approach customers in the same manner that we would want to be treated ourselves. Therefore, we take responsibility for what we say, who we are, and what we do. We do not shy away from consequences and are open to feedback. We are engaged, sincere, and transparent. Others know what they can expect from us. We know our strengths and weaknesses and are always eager to develop further. Not only for ourselves but also for the world around us. We believe that we all have a responsibility to make a positive impact.


Born to Make a Difference

2010 – 2015

Our story started in 2008. The year we began developing suitcase covers, aiming to replace the abundance of plastic wrapping you - unfortunately - still see in airports. After an inspiring journey through the world of manufacturers, fabrics, zips, yarn and packaging, our products hit the market in 2010. Although our initial goal was to create a sustainable impact, we noticed that people wanted to be seen with our trendy suitcase covers.

Ready to Be Unique
In the following years, we seized every opportunity that came our way. Encouraged by the success of our suitcase covers, we enthusiastically started designing and producing suitcases. Although these also quickly became popular, we still could not fully enjoy the success. We felt something was missing. We followed every trend and embraced everyone's style except our own. It no longer felt like "us" – it was not authentic anymore. We were ready to differentiate ourselves.

A Renewed Focus on Women

2015 – 2020

The luggage market was - and perhaps still is - a masculine market, revolving mainly around facts and figures. No luggage brand really delved into the perspective of female travellers. This motivated us. With passion, we dedicated ourselves to developing suitcases, bags, and travel accessories that genuinely enhance the way women travel – both in function and design. From 2015 onward, this became our reason for existing.

Profoundly Feminine
How does a woman prefer to travel? We took responsibility for adapting to her evolving needs and desires. We observed her craving for style, inspiration, memories, and the desire to feel good while also needing practical products. Through our renewed focus, we experienced tremendous growth as a brand. We became loved by women.

A Check-in on Our Self-Expression

2020 – 2025

In 2020, when COVID struck, we were given a new impetus. This period gave us the chance to reconsider who we are, where we stand, and how we envision the future. Similar to 2015, this period became a check-in on our self-expression, revealing that we had outgrown ourselves. The image we had crafted no longer aligned with our identity. It was an image of success, but only based on external beauty.

Ready for the Next Step
Truth be told, we never truly revealed who we are – our ideas, opinions, and values. What inspires us, what brings us joy. But also, our concerns, disappointments, and insecurities. We kept them hidden. We only showed our outside. Not that this was necessarily wrong, but now, we are ready for the next step. After years of seduction, we aim to build a relationship with our audience – with women. To seek deeper connections based on shared values, beliefs, and interests. We crave connection and greater depth. Because - like all women - we are so much more than just a pretty picture.