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Ever found yourself at a networking event, wishing for more meaningful connections with like-minded people? You're not alone! Samantha Wolfson, originally from Philadelphia, USA, knows that feeling all too well. Since moving to Amsterdam in 2017, she's been on a mission to create something different. Despite being outgoing, she found traditional networking events left her wanting more. For Samantha, genuine connections, good food and heartfelt conversations are key. Thus, & the Table was born—a cosy gathering where ambitious women come together to share stories, ideas and delicious meals.  

More About Sam  

Sam's journey from a festival account manager to the founder of & the Table is a reflection of her adventurous spirit and entrepreneurial drive. After travelling the world for work, she settled in Amsterdam and launched Sam's Dinners, bringing women together for personal gatherings. The concept evolved into & the Table, a platform for meaningful female connections. Inspired by its success, she expanded, empowering others to host their own gatherings. With the launch of the & the Table platform in March 2023, Sam's passion project became a thriving business, connecting women worldwide through shared experiences and inspiring conversations.   

“When I realised this was going to grow beyond me and my home, that's when I came up with & the Table. Because I felt like there was a blank before that, and that blank could always be filled with any verb, noun or adjective.”  

What's the Concept?  

At & the Table events, women gather in small groups around curated themes to share experiences, passions and perspectives. With no more than six participants per gathering, these intimate evenings foster meaningful connections and conversations. Each session revolves around a thought-provoking question, guiding discussions that span from career journeys to personal growth. Hosted by women from various countries, these events offer a unique opportunity for women to connect, share and inspire one another in the warm ambiance of a home setting.  

“The table is just the physical thing that brings everyone together.”  

The Power of Vulnerability & the Table  

At the heart of & the Table lies the power of vulnerability. Sam creates questions that dig deep, inspired by her own upbringing where open discussions were the norm. By encouraging women to share their stories and insights, she builds a network that enhances support and understanding among them. Through vulnerability, these gatherings become spaces where women uplift and empower each other. Ultimately, & the Table isn't just about fostering connections; it's about creating a safe haven where women can thrive, grow and build each other up, one meaningful conversation at a time. 

"How can you turn a basic question into something that really makes people think and go beyond just saying, 'Oh, I had a good childhood'?"  

A Table for Every Woman, in Every Situation, Anywhere  

One of Sam's greatest joys is witnessing events unfold globally, even without her direct involvement. Seeing hosts creating stunning experiences highlights the platform's ability to foster connections worldwide. By organising each gathering around a theme, Sam provides a purposeful framework for strangers to connect deeply. She aims to redefine solo activities for women by offering accessible touch points throughout the week.   

While not every interaction may lead to a lifelong friendship, Sam believes in the power of diverse connections. At the core of her mission is the belief in the power of intergenerational connections. She recently welcomed her first hosts in their 50s and 60s, emphasizing her commitment to fostering connections over food, wine and enriching conversations. 

“Sometimes we need to accept that not every connection will become your best friend. Some might just be workout buddies or coffee dates, while others may not work out at all. It's important to keep putting yourself out there to build new connections in life.” 

Want to Become a Part of the Dining Experience?  

If you're seeking meaningful connections and engaging conversations with inspiring women, consider signing up for & the Table. Whether attending an event or hosting your own, there's a place for everyone. Join Sam and a growing community of women redefining connections, their way! 

➙ Visit & the Table their website to find upcoming gatherings or learn how to become a host.