SUITSUIT INSPIRED BY | Saga Runs a Women-Only Touring Agency

What started as a trial of three tours in 2021, quickly grew into a sought-after experience for women worldwide. Saga Líf (35), founder of the touring agency Viking Women, noticed the absence of women-only tours in Iceland and decided to create her own. She is gradually building a community for female travellers, helping them push their boundaries. Read more about Saga and Viking Women in this blog. 

"My goal is to offer a safe space for every woman who wants to see the world."

Women-Only Tours 

Although Viking Women was founded in 2021, Saga has been working as a tour guide since 2013. She quickly discovered her passion for leading groups of women. "The dynamics in such groups always felt right. There were no men trying to show off, just women eager to help each other. I began to realise that I wanted to focus solely on these types of tours." 

This led her to create women-only tours. In 2021, she started with three groups of women, consisting mainly of Icelandic locals due to the pandemic. "Viking Women quickly gained popularity, prompting me to fully commit to it. My goal is to make every woman feel welcome—a safe space for those who want to explore the world." 

More Female Tour Guides Join 

Viking Women's rapid growth encouraged Saga to recruit additional tour guides who share her mindset. "I currently have seven other guides who are as passionate about nature and Iceland as I am. They are ambitious and enthusiastic, not only about Iceland but also about Viking Women. They contribute ideas and go the extra mile to make everyone comfortable and bring out the best in themselves." 

Getting to Know the Locals 

During Viking Women tours, participants often interact with the local community—a crucial aspect for Saga. "When planning a tour, such as visiting an ice cave, I prioritise local businesses providing the experiences. These people usually grew up nearby, providing deeper insights into the stories they share. Unlike temporary guides who read from scripts, lifelong residents can share personal experiences, enriching the tour." 

Saga noticed the participants' interest in connecting with locals. "It's rewarding to engage with and learn from locals. It offers a different perspective on the culture, allowing participants to immerse themselves fully." 

"Through our tours, there are friendships created that can last a lifetime."

Women's Shared Interests in Travel 

According to Saga, women who sign up for Viking Women tours often share similar interests: travel and new experiences. "They are eager to spend their money on new experiences, broaden their knowledge, explore new cultures, and push their boundaries. They prefer doing this with like-minded women, fostering friendships that can last a lifetime. Through our tours, they meet people who share their passion for travel and extraordinary experiences." 

Icelandic Nature as a Lesson in Sustainability 

According to Saga, Iceland is the perfect example to educate travellers on global warming during the tour as well. "Here you can literally see the impact of climate change on the environment, such as glaciers melting." Recognising these effects, she strives to make sustainable choices for Viking Women tours. "Whenever possible, I prefer using public transportation over private buses. However, I also have to be realistic about travellers flying to Iceland. Not to mention, it can be challenging to continue the tour solely using public transport. While organising a completely green tour is difficult, I try to make sustainable decisions in my own way." 

Helping Each Other Reach Their Full Potential 

For Saga, witnessing the group dynamic evolve during a trip is one of the most rewarding experiences. "Initially, everyone needs time to adjust, which is natural. Gradually, they get to know each other. Experienced women use their strength to help those who are less experienced in any way they can." 

She emphasises the importance of each woman realising her potential. "Sometimes, a little push is needed. For example, if someone has a fear of heights and is hesitant to take a certain route, I talk them through it. Once they've done it and reached the mountaintop, emotions can run high. It's a remarkable experience to witness and be part of." 

Are you Still Hesitating to Take the Next Step? 

"If you want to take a big step, approach it with a naïve perspective," Saga advises. "Think to yourself, 'It will be okay.' Eventually, you'll encounter an obstacle, but you'll approach it with the same mindset. If you believe in your goal, these obstacles are much easier to overcome. It's not always smooth sailing, but it's definitely worth it."