Spring is slowly making its entrance again. The sun no longer hides behind the clouds, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Easter is the perfect time to kick off spring. In this blog you'll read how you can spend Easter in a unique way; whether you'd like to relax or prefer to spend time with friends, we've got you covered! 

Prepare your garden for summer 

If the weather allows it, Easter is the perfect time to dust off your gardening gloves and get your garden ready for summer. It's time to bring out the green bin and start getting rid of all the garden waste. Dead leaves, broken branches, and unwanted weeds are now things of the past! Mowing, pruning, and weeding are important, as they allow you to start with a clean slate. 

Afterward, it's time to bring out the flowerpots and potting soil, along with some new plants and flowers of course. Pay attention to the label to determine the best spot for your new purchase: does it need lots of water and direct sunlight, for example? By the end of the day, you can enjoy the results for months to come. 

Ready, bakers? Bake away! 

If you're looking for a reason to try out a new baking recipe, Easter is the ideal moment. Perhaps you'll have visitors coming by or maybe you're all by yourself, giving you plenty of space and time to experiment in the kitchen. Whether you're making a fresh Easter loaf or a delicious cinnamon bun, it's always nice to treat yourself and your guests to something tasty. 

Go on a daycation 

You don't have to travel far and long to create a holiday feeling. With a daycation, you spend a day at a hotel and take some time to fully relax. You can use all the facilities, such as a swimming pool, sauna, or even the hotel room. Often, you can also include food and drinks to your booking, so you don't have to worry about that either! This way, you can relax and recharge for the busy summer months ahead. 

Go all out with an extensive Easter brunch 

Invite your family or friends and prepare an extensive Easter brunch together. Go out into nature and pick a few beautiful flowers, get some extra decorations, and prepare your favourite food. Get some warm delicacies from the bakery and fresh fruit from the greengrocer, and you'll have a table filled with delicious food and beautiful decorations. This way, you can easily spend a few hours chatting and catching up with friends or family. 

Portrait painting with friends 

Bring out your inner Bob Ross and paint portraits together with your friends. Sit across from each other and set a timer for two hours, for example. During that time, try to paint the person in front of you as detailed and as quickly as possible. The end result isn't important – this activity is more about quality time and stimulating your creativity. 

You can also choose to skip the canvas and instead get a few white plates and mugs. Paint cheerful patterns and flowers on the dishes, let them dry, and then use them for the Easter brunch.