SUITSUIT INSPIRED BY | Feng Shui interior coach Julie

Looking for more peace and balance in your home? Interior coach Julie has discovered her passion in the use of Feng Shui. For her, Feng Shui is much more than a decorative style; it’s a philosophy that brings balance to a home by consciously creating energy. Julie's journey with Feng Shui began as a quest for self-discovery. Nowadays, she shares her knowledge and experience to inspire others to find and embrace their own identity. 

What is Feng Shui? 

Before Julie knew what Feng Shui meant, she associated the definition with the nineties, Buddha figurines and crystals – something that didn't fit her style at all. "Only when I delved a little deeper into the subject, I realised that it’s a philosophy and lifestyle. One that helps you create harmony within and around yourself by surrounding yourself with the right energy," says Julie. The philosophy originates from China and is thousands of years old. It mainly focuses on your work and living environment. 

As an interior coach, Julie helps people decorate people's homes. She creates a personalised interior so that each space radiates the right energy. Julie has also applied Feng Shui in her own home by placing photos and souvenirs from her travels more prominently. "When I look at the interior of my house today, compared to four years ago, it's like night and day. Now my house tells much more about who I want to be, and it will remind me of that daily." 

Natural elements 

In Feng Shui, it's important to consider what style suits you best. There are no special rules attached to it. While some find peace with many plants and colours in their house, others thrive from a more minimalistic look. 

According to Julie, nature should always have an essential role in your interior. "In nature, we often find elements that help us find the right energy. People find peace in nature, so it's important to invite nature into our house to create this energy. Think of real wooden furniture or fine wool fabrics." 

Sustainable shopping 

To add a bit of Feng Shui in your house, sustainability is key. Although one way is to bring nature into your house, it's also important to choose your interior responsibly and consciously. According to Julie, you bring something into the house to enjoy it for a long time. Items made from mass production are often not the best choice to bring into your home. "These break quickly – and things that break also carry negative energy. The better the foundation stands, the more you can enjoy it for a longer period of time." 

Back to the basics 

Julie realised during her burnout that she was too concerned about what people around her thought of her. She had a busy job in the financial sector, which in hindsight didn't suit her at all. During her burnout, she took a plane to Bali, where she had enough time and peace to think about her next steps. Here she decided to go back to the basics and think: what do I enjoy? 

She found out that the answer was interior design, but also in helping people who are looking for their inner selves, because she has struggled with this herself. After resigning from her previous job, Feng Shui crossed her path. She took up a course and simultaneously incorporated all her learnings into her own business activities.   

How you can take the first step towards Feng Shui 

If you want to apply Feng Shui in your own home, it's best to start with decluttering. Not to minimalise, but to make room for new things. "We often hold onto things that no longer help us for too long," says Julie. "These are items that remind us of a phase in our lives that no longer align with ourselves." For example, gifts you received but never used or that one pair of pants that no longer fits. This is how you take the first step to remove negative energy from your home! 

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