The new colors of the Fabulous Fifties collection show that pastels are anything but sweet and cute. Pastel colors are making a comeback. And not just one. Although pastel shades often remind us of soft summers, the carefree days of our childhood and the soft tones adorn many children's rooms, pastel is growing up. Powdery colors are evolving into a powerful and lasting statement. It's time to live life soft and powerfully.  

Pastel can be seen as the late bloomer in fashion. It was very popular in the ‘50s, but its image remained "sweet." It took a while for pastel to fully come into its own and leave its sweetness behind, but now it has. High end fashion brands are embracing her maturity. And rightly so, because pastels surprise with what they have to offer. Although each pastel shade is made up of a diluted version of primary and secondary colors, they are iconic colors that are fine on their own.  

An ambivert appearance 
With its duality, pastel holds both the character of the original color, and the purifying, cleansing atmosphere of white which makes them feel soft, fresh, optimistic, subdued and calming. Yet they can also be simultaneously chic, playful, creative and extravagant.   

Embrace your own style   
Pastel shades offer tremendous versatility that you can easily adapt to your own style and character. An understated basic piece? Check. Iconic statement? Check. Everything mixed up together? It's totally up to you! Pastels are often associated with the spring and summer months, but if there's a color palette that can provide a dramatic yet optimistic break from the dark and moody colors of winter, it's pastels. Looking for more balance or a luxurious look? Then add earthy or darker tones to the powder shades. Feel free to mix them with brighter relatives or combine them with two or more pastel colors. The more creative and daring, the better. Be bold. Be yourself. You make it fashionable by the way you wear it. Don't be afraid it won't look good on you because pastels are for everyone and you are meant to be seen. Chic. Understated. Mature. Playful. Eccentric or Creative. You decide.   

Check out the new pastels and designs of Fabulous Fifties 2.0
Be iconic. You’re fabulous.  


Pick a side? Why?! Thanks to the Fabulous Fifties Special Edition you never have to choose again. Just wear whatever you want, whenever you want, however you feel. With the new dual-toned suitcases and bags you can decide in a flash which pastel shade matches best with your outfit or mood today. 


The DUO collection is as versatile as you are. Be unbeatable with your favorite duo colors in a mix of soft, warm and cooler pastel shades. It doesn't need much to be unique. Show it all, don't tell.