This December, for the first time, we would like to give a piece of ourselves. Therefore, we will share our own traditions and habits, like unwrapping presents or visiting family and friends. Yet, we also look for new goals and give ourselves a fresh set of challenges for the coming year. Delve into our blog to find out how our SUITSUIT crew prefers to celebrate the festive season and what their outlook is for the new year. 

How do you prefer to spend the holidays?   

Fien, UI/UX Designer  
I prefer to spend the holidays with my family. We always play card games, which make our evenings extra cosy and creates more room for fun conversations. For me, this is the ultimate way to really get into the Christmas spirit.  
Maartje, Fashion stylist  
I enjoy the occasions where I can take some rest for myself. Even though it can be intense to be in a large group all the time, I love taking the time to do my hair and make-up. This way, I create my own moments of relaxation.   
Birga, Marketer Germany  
I enjoy spending a lot of time with family and friends and like to give extra attention to the ones who are closest to me. Occasionally, I take relaxing walks with our dog to unwind.   
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Denise, Creative Manager  
The holidays are always very busy. So, I like to take a moment for myself in between and keep a good routine. I always feel better after some physical exercise, like yoga, or going for a walk in the woods. As long as I have a moment to recharge. 

Florence, Make-up & hair artist  
I watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended version) every year during the festive season. That's something I can really enjoy.   
Amber, CRM and Email Marketer  
The best thing about the holidays for me is giving presents. I love going out and buying gifts in the city for everyone I care about. But I also enjoy being in the kitchen. That's when I set the table with pretty decorations, put out lots of food and pass around the gift bags. This is what I always enjoy the most. 
Kirsten, Recipe developer and food stylist at KirKookt  
During the festive season, we basically play a card game every year. This can get pretty competitive and sometimes we even bet money on it! Then again, we also like playing games where you ask each other questions, leading to meaningful conversations.

Perhaps this sounds a bit crazy, but for us, a Harry Potter marathon is also part of the celebrations. I always watch this together with my family and each time it feels like a moment where I can unwind. 

So, which woman makes the festive season extra special for you?  

Susan, Graphic Designer  
That would be my own mother, but also my 3 sisters. I grew up in a house full of women. Especially now that my sisters all have children too, I love seeing how they fulfil that mother role, and I will definitely pick up things from that for when I become a mother myself in February.  
Anna, E-commerce & Marketplace Manager  
My mother is very special to me, so celebrating Christmas with her is important to me. But what I also find special is that we all really get together during the holidays. This is when my family and in-laws get together, which always feels very special. So do my sisters-in-law, whom I admire a lot. They are always there for the family and offer precious and honest counselling, which is something I really appreciate about them. 

Kirsten, Recipe developer and food stylist at KirKookt  
My grandmother is truly my everything, I have a very special bond with her. She is currently 78 years old, and I feel a strong connection with her. However, I didn't get the love for cooking from her, though I do love eating her Dutch Split Pea Soup with pancakes during Christmas.  
Florence, Make-up & hair artist  
My little daughter Dahlia surprises me daily with her enthusiasm and loving energy, which never fails to amaze me. I love that she shows me the world through the eyes of a toddler, full of wonder. This also applies to the festive season, where I get to enjoy all the beautiful presents, the Christmas tree, the candles and the glitter together with her.  
Beatrice, Account manager Retail  
My close female friends and best male friend Marco mean a lot to me. They are always there for to help me, listen to my problems and offer unconditional support. Although my mother is also important to me, unfortunately she is a bit further away in Romania, while I am here in the Netherlands.  
Denise, Creative Manager  
Someone very dear to me is my aunt. My mother passed away 11 years ago and with my aunt, her sister, I can reflect again on the beautiful moments I experienced with her. I don't think we will see each other this year, as my aunt is in France, and I am in the Netherlands. The most important thing for me is that we call each other during this period, which is something I truly cherish. 
Fien, UI/UX Designer  
I share a strong bond with my sisters, and as the youngest of three, I always feel proud to see how they build their own lives. One of them has set up her own business that will only continue to grow in 2024, while the other is in the process of buying a house. It is wonderful to watch us all go our separate ways and yet remain very close.  
Birga, Marketer Germany  
When I think of inspiring women, my grandmother and mother immediately come to mind. My grandmother has always been very independent, which I admire a lot. As for my mother, a powerful and strong woman, she dedicates herself daily to helping others through her passion for physiotherapy. She contributes to the recovery of babies, and I admire that immensely. 

What are your goals for next year?  

Denise, Creative Manager  
I would love to travel more, even more than I currently do. There are several destinations that are high on my bucket list, such as visiting my family in New Zealand. Also, I think it's important to spend more time with my friends and family.  

Nadine, Senior Digital Designer  
I would like to visit Sweden again, as often as possible. My nephews and nieces are two and three now, so it would be nice to see them grow up. I am looking forward to that immensely.  
Anna, E-commerce & Marketplace Manager  
I strive for a better balance between my work and my family. When I am at home, I want to be fully present, both physically and mentally, without having my thoughts elsewhere. My goal is to live more in the moment, so that I am less concerned with things that are not important in the given time. 
Beatrice, Account Manager Retail  
I would like to enjoy the present a little more, so living a little more in the here and now. For me, that means spending more time with people who inspire me and therefore stimulate my growth. But it would also mean spending less energy on frustrations and negative thoughts.  
Femke, Traffic Manager  
In the new year, I am just getting my new house, so my goal is to really turn that into my own place. Besides that, I hope to spend more time with my family, but especially my sisters. They both live in Nijmegen, and I already try to visit them more often, which is something I would like to continue doing in 2024.  
Florence, Make-up & hair artist  
I aim to trust my feelings and intuition more, and really enjoy the beautiful moments with my children in the here and now. In addition, I would like to stimulate my creative flow by actively drawing, painting and creating make-up art again. I also wish to consciously spend more time in nature.