TRAVEL GUIDE NAMIBIA | For the adventurous traveller

From colourful markets to breathtaking landscapes and engaging conversations with the locals, Namibia is the perfect destination for travellers seeking authentic experiences and unforgettable moments. Discover more about the beautiful Namibia and get inspired for your own journey. 


We begin our journey in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. As you drive through this unique city, you’ll notice that there’s a market on almost every corner. You might stumble upon a fruit market where you can get delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, or a market where you can buy everyday items like clothing, decorations, or other kinds of food. These markets are great places to strike up a conversation with the locals and try regional products. 

Curious about a typical local dish from this country? We recommend trying Kapana. This is meat, usually beef, cooked over an open fire. It’s often available at markets as street food.  
The meat is prepared with chilli sauce, tomato, onion, and various spices. 

At Penduka Village, you will quickly come into contact with the local women. You can participate in various workshops here, but we recommend the Batik workshop. One of the women will personally help you transform the dyed fabric into a decorative piece. You can also enjoy a well-prepared meal at Penduka Village. A side note to this activity is that you must visit with a tour guide. 

-> Want to know more about Penduka Village? Read the interview with general manager Kauna. 



If you’re looking for a little less chaos, but still a lot of adventure, then Sossusvlei is your next stop. Here, you can stay at a desert camp. Although the area is quite touristy, you can easily retreat to a remote camp and get the feeling as though you’re entirely alone. 

You can book accommodation where you can push your bed outside of your cabin, allowing you to relax under the starry sky. The food is freshly prepared, and you dine with a magnificent view over the valley. 

From the desert camp, you can take day trips further into the valley. At first, you'll have a short drive through the dunes and then continue to go into the park. We recommend doing this with a guide, as they often know the best viewing spots. 

If you decide to drive through the park on your own, we suggest driving for an hour to the middle of the desert. There, you’ll find a white plain with old, large trees. It’s a popular spot for tourists, but for a good reason. The view is truly worth it. 


For ranches and wildlife, head towards the town of Mariental. It will feel like you've just stepped into a cowboy movie. The sand here is uniquely red due to the high iron content. 

Additionally, you’ll encounter animals everywhere, such as giraffes, rhinos, zebras, and meerkats. It feels like you’re sleeping in the middle of a zoo! Stay at the Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge, which is completely remote and surrounded by nature. Fun fact: they have a pet zebra! The zebra was abandoned as a foal at the lodge, and the staff decided to raise it. 

Namibia is perfect for those curious about local traditions and those seeking a connection with the locals. If your ideal trip consists of rugged landscapes and authentic experiences, Namibia is the place for you.