INSPIRED BY | Kauna the general manager of Penduka Village

During our travels to Namibia, we visited Penduka Village, a female community dedicated to empowering women. Their female artisans craft one-of-a-kind handmade products, each telling a unique story. At the village, they offer women opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally. We had the pleasure of speaking with Kauna, the general manager of Penduka Village. 


Penduka Village welcomes travellers from all over the world. Its name, originally translated to "wake up," reflects its mission to empower women. Kauna emphasises the village's hospitality, saying that “Penduka Village is for everyone.” The community believes it is important to embrace diversity, “every day in Penduka Village brings new experiences,” Kauna adds.   

Visitors are invited to participate in various activities, including Batik workshops. The tradition of Batik consists of a specific technique, where a natural paste is applied to a piece of fabric before it is dyed. During these workshops, visitors work with the women of the village to create their own unique pieces. 


Kauna started her career at Penduka in 2007, initially as a housekeeper and waitress in the restaurant. Over time, she grew within the organisation and eventually took on the role of general manager. Looking back on her path, Kauna stresses the importance of self-confidence and perseverance. “As a woman, you have to stand your ground to become empowered,” she says.  

Inspiration for Kauna's career at Penduka came from the founders, one of whom is her aunt.  
Kauna saw her aunt's health declining and realised she needed extra support. At that time, she was approached by the hospitality manager of Penduka, which led to a conversation in where it became clear that the village needed additional support.  

Motivated by her ability to assist and support others, Kauna joined the community. To this day,  
she is driven to contribute to the growth of the community. 


There is a vibrant community within Penduka Village, where women connect - both locally and globally - opening doors to new opportunities and mutual empowerment. Through workshops and appreciation towards each other, they build strong bonds and develop their skills. 

Kauna shares an impactful story of a woman who grew into a successful stitcher, thanks to Penduka's nurturing environment. “With help and training, she learned to master these skills,  
which enabled her to communicate with customers and achieve success in her craft,” she says. 

At Penduka, women receive different types of training. This allows them to collaborate,  
share knowledge and spark their creativity. They are compensated for their contributions and shape Penduka's unique product line, which they sell to visitors in their local shop. 


Kauna offers insightful advice to female travellers seeking an authentic experience within Namibia's female community. "Embrace the diversity of the environment," she advises, "and immerse yourself in local activities like Batik workshops, traditional dances, and sampling the local cuisine."  

From our own experiences, we recommend considering safety precautions while exploring Windhoek. Travelling solo in this city can pose risks, so we found it beneficial to explore with a local tour guide for added security and a richer experience.