For authentic restaurants, colourful streets, and delicious food, Marbella is the place to be. While the Spanish resort town is mainly known for its expensive real estate market and luxury marina, it's so much more than that. Sharon has owned a house in Marbella for a few years now and is familiar with the most authentic spots in the city. In this blog, she shows us her favourite places. 


Sharon says it's a real experience to stroll through the streets of old Marbella. Here, blooming geraniums hang from balconies, and even the trash cans are painted with beautiful paintings. She often strolls through the neighbourhood in awe. The local authority takes good care of the flowers - you won't find wilted flowers or much street trash here. 

If you're walking through the streets of old Marbella, step into Vintage Déjà Vu. The name says it all; you can find many vintage items here. From clothing to vases or tables. Here you will find the most unique items and you won't leave empty-handed - so you will immediately have a nice memento of the trip for your home. 


Spain is, of course, known for its churros; according to Sharon, you should head to Orange Square (La Plaza de los Naranjos) in Marbella and order them here. That's where all the locals go to order coffee with churros on the side. Enjoy this local delicacy while overlooking the square with its various beautifully coloured buildings and the fountain that can't be missed in the middle of the square. 

For a larger meal, you can visit Rachel's Eco Love, perfect for taking the time to enjoy brunch. As the name suggests, all dishes here are plant-based. From colourful açaí bowls to carrot pancakes and fresh salads. You'll be guaranteed to leave satisfied and full for the rest of your day. 

To end your day well, you can enjoy delicious Spanish tapas at Casa Curro Taberna. Here they serve delicious small bites to share with your travel companions, with a glass of sangria on the side. Enjoy tasty pieces of meat, cheese, or fish and have a fun night at the restaurant. 


Marbella is also the place where Sharon partially draws inspiration for her hotel and restaurant in Gouda, which she talks more about in our Inspired By blog. One of her great inspirations is Club Hotel Marbella. According to Sharon, it's immediately noticeable in the hotel's details that it's owned by a woman. The details in the hotel are perfectly finished. 

The hotel is located on the famous Golden Mile, one of Sharon's favourite spots. This five-kilometre-long road is partly paved and partly unpaved. The path runs along the sea and also through a part of the nature. Along the paved part of the path, there are various accommodations, restaurants, and bars. So, it's perfect to set aside an afternoon to walk along this gorgeous path. 

Sharon is far from done exploring Marbella. She's always looking for new restaurants to try and beautiful buildings to inspire herself.