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Selecting the ideal gift goes beyond the item; it's about the thoughtful intention behind it. A personal gift shows the effort you put into selecting something that matches the recipient's personal taste and interests. Oftentimes, the little details are what make a gift unique and add extra meaning to it. We have prepared a personalised gift guide to assist you in finding the ideal present. This guide features product suggestions in various price ranges, each with a unique touch to add that personal note.  

Our gifts between € 5,- and € 50,- 

Fab Seventies Classic | Biking Red luggage tag | € 9.95 

Enhance a friend or family member's travel experience with our stylish Biking Red luggage tag (1). Its distinctive design ensures their luggage stands out, offering a recognisable and unique appearance. A small investment that creates a significant impact, as every moment of the journey becomes a cherished memory. 

Fusion | Sloppy Cotton accessory bag | €17.95

Surprise a well-organised friend with our Sloppy Cotton accessory bag (2), perfect for keeping all her daily essentials in order. Add a personal touch by filling the bag with treats like homemade chocolates. A timeless and practical gift, thoughtfully curated by you, to make her daily routine more enjoyable. 

SUITSUIT passport cover | €19.95 

Elevate a friend or family member's travel documents with our exclusive passport covers. Choose a chic look with Espresso Black (3) or make a statement with Biking Red. Better yet, why not have both? Treat yourself to one and gift the other case. This way, you'll transform every trip together into an exceptionally memorable experience! 

SUITSUIT protective cover for cabin luggage (20 inch) | €19.95 

Present the perfect gift for travel enthusiasts with our elegant Iced Coffee protection cover (4). It provides excellent support for precious hand luggage, making it a distinctive gift for a friend or family member who loves to travel! 

Good to know: Opt for a Safe Travel Set (20 inch) and get a discount on your purchases! 

SUITSUIT protection cover for a large suitcase (28 inch) | € 29.95 

Every large suitcase deserves reliable protection. How about our Biking Red protection cover? This not only adds a stylish upgrade to someone's luggage but also safeguards it from scuffs and scratches during travels. 

Good to know: Opt for a Safe Travel Set (28 inch) and get a discount on your purchases! 

Fusion | Raw Cotton Upright toiletry bag | €24.95 

Surprise someone who always likes to be well-prepared with our Raw Cotton Upright toiletry bag (1). This bag keeps toiletries organised, anytime and anywhere. Add an extra special touch to this gift by filling the bag with small surprises like a homemade shampoo bar or body butter. This way, you'll enhance her day-to-day routine while on the go. 

Fusion | Sloppy Cotton beauty set | €39.95 

Explore our versatile Sloppy Cotton beauty set (2) featuring two exquisite toiletry bags, perfect for storing beauty essentials in both morning and evening routines. Elevate this gift by filling the bags with your friend's preferred beauty products or including a photo of the two of you together. A practical and personal gift all wrapped up in one! 

SUITSUIT jewellery box | €39.95 

Our timeless jewellery boxes make a great gift for the holidays. The Fab Seventies Burned Caramel jewellery box (3) radiates natural balance, perfect for stylishly storing unique pieces of jewellery. Contrarily, the Fabulous Fifties Egg White jewellery box adds vintage glamour with a sophisticated design. For a modern look, our Fusion Iced Coffee jewellery box is the ideal choice. Make the gift extra special by adding a handwritten letter or a distinctive piece of jewellery. 

Our gifts between € 50,- and € 100,- 

Fusion | Sloppy Cotton Packing Cube Set (28 inch) | € 59.95 

For every well-organised traveller, the Sloppy Cotton Packing Cube Set makes a thoughtful gift. Bid farewell to packing stress and experience the ease of seamless and organised travel. A unique gift that enhances both comfort and style on every journey. 

Good to know: Opt for a Perfect Packing Set (28 inch) and get a discount on your purchases! 

Natura | Bleached Sand and Dark Olive weekender | €79.95 

Surprise someone with an authentic gift that perfectly blends adventure and elegance: the Natura weekender in Bleached Sand and Dark Olive (1). Make it personal by listing the items that cannot be missed during a relaxing weekend away! 

Fab Seventies Classic | Biking red and Beetle Green backpack | € 89.95 

Discover the timeless style of our Fab Seventies Classic backpack, available in vibrant Biking Red and earthy Beetle Green (2). An ideal present for enthusiasts of retro chic. Personalise your present by pairing the backpack with a matching passport holder! 

Our gifts between € 100,- and € 200,- 

SUITSUIT hand luggage suitcase (20 inch) | €159.95 

Treat yourself or a friend with one of our popular SUITSUIT cabin luggage, including the Fusion Dusty Yellow, Fab Seventies Classic Biking Red (1), Fusion White Swan, and Fusion Misty Green. The ultimate gift for a city trip!  

Make a special gesture by adding a list with local hotspots of your favourite city to the luggage compartment - you will be instantly inspired for your next city trip. 

Good to know: Save up to 15% off with a Full Package Set (20 inch), including a protection cover and packing cubes! 

SUITSUIT medium travel suitcase (24 inch) | €179.95 

Surprise someone who loves to go on road trips with the Fab Seventies Classic suitcase in Beetle Green (24 inch) (2). Aside from offering plenty of storage space ,this suitcase conveniently fits in any car trunk without occupying excess space. Personalise the gift by including the matching luggage tag, ensuring the suitcase finds its way back to the right destination! 

Good to know: Save up to 15% off with a Full Package Set (24 inch), including a protection cover and packing cubes! 

SUITSUIT large travel suitcase (28 inch) | € 199.95 

Offer an exceptionally unique gift with our large SUITSUIT suitcases. Whether it's the Fab Seventies Classic Beetle Green, Fusion White Swan, or Fusion Dusty Yellow, each suitcase offers a unique experience. Add a personal note by adding a self-designed photo album inside the suitcase. While embarking on new adventures together, you can reflect on previous adventures and make room for new memories. 

Good to know: Save up to 15% off with a full package set (28 inch), including a protection cover and packing cubes! 

Gift sets above € 200,- 

Fusion | Full Package Set (28 inch) | € 246.38 

Discover our popular Fusion Full Package Sets (28 inch), a top choice in our collection. These sets include a matching protection cover to shield the suitcase from dirt and scratches during every trip. For extra packing comfort, a selection of packing cubes are included as well. An excellent choice for travellers who value staying organised!  

Good to know: Our Fusion Full Package Sets are also available in smaller sizes below €200! 

SUITSUIT Duo Set (20/28 inch) | € 349.95 

Provide a memorable holiday experience with our Duo Sets, including the Fab Seventies Classic Biking Red and Espresso Black. These sets include a cabin suitcase (20 inch) and a large travel suitcase (28 inch), specially designed for ultimate comfort when travelling. Personalise this gift by combining the set with our practical packing cubes or protection covers! 

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