SUITSUIT TRAVEL GUIDE | Haarlem, Rome, and Ibiza

It’s such a great feeling to walk out your front door with a suitcase in your hand. Wherever you may go, your upcoming trip will give you lots of new memories and hopefully a bunch of new inspiration. Whether you’re going to a country close to home or to a country on the other side of the world; immersing yourself in a new environment remains an exciting experience. This month, We travel to Haarlem, Rome, and Ibiza.


You don't have to travel far to visit beautiful museums and eat unusual food. An example of a great location to visit is Haarlem. Walking through the idyllic streets of Haarlem feels like taking a step back in time. The cosy alleys and old, detailed buildings create an atmospheric image. One of these imposing buildings is the Teylers museum; a museum that combines art and science. Walk past the crystal exhibition, with its beautiful mosaic floor. If you walk a little further, you will enter a large and impressive room where many different objects can be found. Like stethoscopes, space tools and a dodo bone. Walk further into the museum and you can admire a collection of artworks or check out the 'Surreal Science' exhibition. A visit to the 'Museum of Wonder' is definitely worthwhile.

After a visit to the museum, you can stroll further into the city. Crossing over by the main shopping street, you will soon find yourself at the charming coffee shop Life of Yuna. This photogenic spot is perfect to unwind and to let all the new insights from the Teylers museum sink in. There are other authentic shops on the same street, such as a beautiful concept store or an unusual flower shop. The latter sells more than just flowers and plants, and if you’re looking for eccentric house decoration, this is also a great place to visit. In the evening, you can eat at restaurant Toujours. They serve delicious oysters, among other things, as you can read in this blog.


When you think of Rome, you immediately think of its grand buildings, like the Colosseum, and lots of tourists. However, Rome is much more than that. From a day of cultural mileage between the Vatican and the beautiful Trastevere district, to sunbathing by Santa Marinella beach. You can start the day anywhere in Rome, on every street corner you'll find a coffee shop with delicious treats. Take the marittozzi, for example, a brioche bun filled with whipped cream. At Bar San Calisto, which has been around since the 1960s, there’s a queue of Italians ready to order their cream sandwich every morning. If this is where the locals go, you definitely can't skip this place.

Italian cuisine is, of course, one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Immerse yourself among the locals and book a cooking class with Veronica from The Pasta Factory Class. Set in a beautiful, industrial space in Rome, an Italian chef will teach you how to make pasta from scratch. Here, you will be taught how to cook pasta from scratch by an Italian chef with a cooking studio in a beautiful, industrial space in Rome. Want to take a break from food? Grab an electric bike or scooter via the Lime app. This is a wonderful way to discover the big, beautiful city. At five o'clock, the aperitivo starts. It’s time to relax. Settle down with a drink and enjoy La Dolce Vita.


Even though some view Ibiza as the ideal place to lie on the beach all day and enjoy the sun, the island has much more to offer. You can choose to relax at the beach, lay down on your towel, and immerse yourself in a great book. Another option is to venture out into the local community and discover the uniquespots of the island. The local community has the laid-back atmosphere you can enjoy on the rest of the island. About 15 kilometres from the centre of Ibiza Town lies the small village of Santa Eulária des Riu. Besides a beautiful clear sea, there are also quaint concept stores where the most beautiful gifts are on display. Whether it's handmade jewellery or the world-famous sea salt: a unique creationi is always great to take with you as a memory.

You can go to Ibiza by plane, but also by car! From Barcelona you drive onto the boat, and after about nine hours, you arrive on the beautiful and sunny island. This way of travelling is better for the environment and enables you to explore Ibiza comfortably from your own car. You can choose to sleep in a smaller-scale hotel, such as an agroturismo. These are usually owned by locals and can be found in the countryside. These are often old farmhouses that have been transformed into small hotels. Take Can Toni Xumeu, for example. If you want to be completely pampered, this is the place to be. The culture of Ibiza is woven into the smallest details of the accommodation. A great place for retreating after a day full of memories - or when you just want to sit down and relax for a day.

Photo credits: ©Teylers Museum, ©Life of Yuna, ©Toujours, ©Myrthe Slootjes, ©Sophie Post, ©Bar San Calisto, ©Unsplash, ©Airbnb