Get your home ready for spring | Spring cleaning

Are you also excited for the spring season to start? Get ready for spring, not only by buying that cute new skirt, but also by tidying up your home. That way, you can enjoy spring in peace, and you might even come across things you didn't know you had. We give you some tips and tricks to help you with this spring cleaning.

Why is spring cleaning useful?

Of course, it’s nice to have a clean house, but it has many other advantages. For example, for your mental and physical health. It increases your productivity, for instance. Because it is easier to find things, but also because you’re not distracted by the clutter around you. You can therefore focus better on your work or other things you want to get done. 

The saying 'a clean house is a clean mind’ also turns out to be true in this case, as a spring cleaning reduces stress. Cleaning itself has a therapeutic and relaxing effect for many. It also has its physical effects. You are obviously being active, which is already healthy, but you can also prevent possible allergy outbreaks, according to a study from America. As you keep your home clean, you prevent certain substances from growing that your skin might react to.

Create your own cleaning product

If you’re going to clean this much, it is a lot more sustainable to make your own cleaning products. Besides, your stuff can be affected by all the chemicals in a product. Think of all-purpose cleaner, for example. To make this yourself, all you really need is water, white vinegar and (for the smell) orange peels. Fill a clean glass jar with one half of water and one half of cleaning vinegar. Then add some orange peels to it. Leave this for three weeks and then remove the peels. Now, you have made your own all-purpose cleaner.

After you have cleaned everything with the all-purpose cleaner, it is also nice to be able to degrease afterwards. The oven, microwave and cooker are often places that can get incredibly greasy without you even realising it. To clean this, you need to add a few more ingredients to your cleaning product: water, white vinegar, baking soda, lemon oil, and castile soap. To create the product, you mix one teaspoon of water with two tablespoons of baking soda. Then, you stir it together and lay it out on the greasy surface. Let it soak for a few minutes, then put a few drops of white vinegar on top and wipe everything off with a soft sponge.

How do you clean your bag and accessories? 

During a spring cleaning, you not only clean your house, but also the things you use in everyday life. For example, a bag or a toiletry bag. Let's divide this cleaning into two parts: Polyurethane (PU) leather and wool. With PU leather, it is important that you handle it with care, otherwise you will damage the leather very quickly. For example, do not use a scouring pad, just a synthetic cloth, and wet it. Whether the water is hot or cold does not matter. Otherwise, do not use cleaning products. So, leave your homemade all-purpose cleaner in the cabinet, as it affects the material. After cleaning, you can put the bag in a fabric storage bag to prevent the material from becoming dull. This way, your bag will last a lot longer.

With wool and linen, the same rules apply; you can't just take the all-purpose cleaner and use it to remove a stain. Take a damp cloth and gently rub it over the stain you want to remove. If you do this too roughly, there is a risk of damaging the material and loosening threads. So, throwing it in the washing machine is not one of the options either. Just be patient and before you know it, your bags and accessories will be ready for the new season.