SUITSUIT RECOMMENDS | A spring walk in Amelisweerd

Getting some peace and quiet is something everyone needs once in a while. Just to completely decompress after work or during the weekend. As spring arrives, the sun starts to shine more often, and you can see the first leaves growing back on the trees. A spring walk is the perfect outing to catch the first rays of sunshine and get some fresh air. SUITSUIT takes you to one of the most beautiful places to catch your well-deserved rest: Amelisweerd.

Country estate Amelisweerd

On the border of Utrecht lies Amelisweerd. A riverine forest hidden in a bend of the Kromme Rijn river. Within the forest are three old knight's estates from the eighteenth century: Oud- and Nieuw-Amelisweerd and Rhijnauwen. The estate is easy to reach; you can get there by public transport, bicycle or car. There are several parking spots close to the area, so you can choose what is most convenient for you. For example, if you  mainly want to walk through the forest, it is best to park your car at Oud Amelisweerd. Would you like a bit more recreation? Then parking at Rhijnauwen - Kromme Rijn is a better option. From these car parks, you quickly reach one of the knight's estates, where your adventure begins.

Forests and meadows

Walking through the woods in Amelisweerd, you immediately feel the tranquillity that prevails here. After you walk past estate Oud-Amelisweerd, you can take different paths. Sometimes it's great to just choose a path blindly and see how far it’ll take you, but you can also choose to check out all the knight’s estates. If you want to do this, it will take you at least a couple of hours. So, be sure to set aside an afternoon for this. Amelisweerd is especially unique for your first spring walk of the year: the snowdrops are already blooming here in March. Walking past the meadows full of these plants makes you feel like spring really has begun!

Walk on the sandy paths, which have been here since the eighteenth century, and between the tall, impressive trees. Although in some places you might still see the tall buildings of the city of Utrecht, you will be surrounded by the first signs of spring in Amelisweerd. Enjoy the first rays of sunshine and the spring breeze blowing past you. This sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon. Note: if you bring your dog, they must be kept on a leash.

More than just walking

At one of the knight's estates, Rhijnauwen, you can do more than walk through the woods. For example, you can have a delicious lunch at Theehuis Rhijnauwen. So, you could start here, and then go for a walk or visit Fort Rhijnauwen. The fort is an impressive building managed by the Forestry Commission. The flora and fauna you see inside is unique every year; let yourself be surprised by the beauty of nature. We highly recommend booking a guided tour to find out even more about the history of this fort - and the rest of Amelisweerd! Want to do more than just visit? That's possible too, there are various workshops and coaching moments you can sign up for. If you want to bring out your creative self, you can choose to attend a nature photography workshop. On the website, you can see what other workshops or coaching moments are available.

Let’s exercise

If you feel like being a bit more active, you can also choose to go supping or canoeing. The Kromme Rijn runs around Amelisweerd, making water sports one of the most popular activities you can do. If you choose to go supping, then you can rent a sup yourself and explore the area. You can also join an organised sup tour that shows the most beautiful corners of Amelisweerd. For the real sports fanatics among us, you can rent a canoe at canoe rental De Rijnstroom. This way, you can canoe along Oud- and Nieuw-Amelisweerd and enjoy the beautiful nature.

As you can read, there’s something to do for everyone. When will you visit this beautiful estate?