SPREAD THE LOVE | Ten Valentine's day gifts for the people close to you

It's February again. Grocery shopping means being surrounded by luxurious boxes of chocolate and red roses everywhere. Or posters with bold red letters: 'Take your lover on a balloon flight'. Celebrating love never gets old but can also be done on lower grounds. Surprise a friend or family member who more than ever deserves some love. SUITSUIT collected the ten loveliest Valentine's gifts. Let´s spread some love! 

1. Music to your ears

Swooning away while the rich sound of a vinyl record fills the room. It's like music to our ears. Although online streaming services are convenient, the nostalgia factor of vinyl records makes it more popular everyday. Since putting on a record requires more than a quick click on your screen, it makes you listen to the music playing much more actively. The album cover is both tangible and beautiful at the same time. A perfect gift for your favourite music lover. Sounds good, right?

2. Homemade dinner for two

Even though a fancy dinner out is always a great idea, there's nothing like a good meal at your own place. Invite a dear friend or family member over for dinner at your place and prepare a wonderful meal. Or share the chef's duties and choose together who takes care of each course. Or. Just order a good pizza, pop a bottle of wine and enjoy your favourite series. And this kind of dinner doesn't always have to involve a prince charming!

3. The key to your heart

Want to give someone the key to your heart? This heart-shaped Fabulous Fifties key ring would be the perfect gift. Available in three different pastel shades and a great eye-catcher for any bag. You may prefer a more subtle approach. In that case, the Fabulous Fifties Folded key ring would also be a very good choice! Available in four beautiful colours.

4. Turn your dreams into goals

You and your friends have been daydreaming about fun plans for years. Having a drink on that terrace in Barcelona. The cooking course you want to do together. The one adventurous friend that really wants to climb a mountain together one day. And you, who keeps dreaming about a girls' trip to Iceland. Get your friends a lovely notebook and write down all your plans together. Feel like crafting? Fill a Mason jar with all your plans on notes. The next time you don't know what to do, or where you want to go on holiday - you'll always have a useful back-up plan.

5. Plant some love

Don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with a beautiful bouquet of roses. But giving a plant to someone can be even nicer. A lovely silky Kalanchoe... Or a Monstera in living room size. The beauty of Valentine's Day, your friendships and plants is the fact all three of them need a whole lot of love. Looking for a plant that´s actually alive? Than choose a 'Marimo', a sweet green living bulb that prefers to live in a glass or glass vase. This rare Japanese algae species grows at the bottom of Lake Akan. The movement of the water causes it to roll along the bottom of the lake, keeping its shape. It can live up to a hundred years! According to Japanese legends, besides love, this little ball also brings good luck.

6. A practical pampering moment

Fill a pretty Natura Accessory Bag with the favourite sweets of your friend, mother or that one lovely neighbour. A little pampering never hurts and especially not on the day that is all about love. The purse is also perfect to use as a pencil case, as well as convenient for storing your phone charger, earphones or lens case and liquid.

7. Handwritten love  

The tradition of sending love per post is still a beautiful tradition. A card is a lovely way to let that person know you appreciate them. Write a nice message, an invitation to a cinema night out or write down a music track you know your friend loves. A handwritten message makes it so much more personal and, without a doubt, puts a smile on the person's face. 

8. Build your own bouquet 

Still looking for an original bouquet and got a friend who loves eye-catchers? This bouquet of bricks will never fade and does not even need water. Thanks to the adjustable flower stems, this bunch will fit in almost any vase. Enjoy the beautiful colours of lavender, lupins and poppies. Rather show your appreciation with a 'classic' rose? Take a look at this set of love that never dies!

9. Girls' night out

This 2023, you're taking charge and celebrating the love that's already around you! Don't get us wrong, there is nothing weird about experiencing a sense of loneliness on 14 February. To dwell on this is completely understandable. However, at times it is nice to experience the bright side and surround yourself with the love that is already there. Tell all the girls in the the group about your great idea for a girls' night out. Not in the mood for a night out? Host an evening at home with cocktails or mocktails - we do have some recommendations - and toast to love.  

10. Accept cookies? Oh, yes!

It is confirmed the way to a (wo)man's heart is through his or her stomach. Bonbons, fancy dinners or perhaps that delicious bowl of ice cream. The day of love is inevitably linked to good food. Would you like to let a dear friend know that you are thinking of her on this day, but does she live a little far away? Send a well-filled box of treats full of delicious cookies. American Cookies in flavours like white chocolate and raspberry, Nutella, or Red Velvet. Already mouth watering at the thought of it? So are we. And just so you know, all this love you spread can also be given to yourself. Enter your own address as the shipping address.... You deserve it!