A list of New Year's resolutions has been circling in your mind since January: No more snacking as from today. Ban all sugar out of your life. Work out five times a week, preferably twice a day and from now on take the bike instead of the car. It might be just a little too ambitious. In fact, research has shown that 25% of good intentions fail within two weeks of the start of the new year. No worries, SUITSUIT is here to the rescue! We tell you all about how to make big resolutions smaller and more achievable.


Should all good intentions be ditched, then? Definitely not! That ambition-driven fresh start turns out to be well worth it. Because setting life goals is incredibly helpful for your physical and mental health. The reason resolutions fail often turns out to be that they are unattainable. It is simply not realistic to change everything in one year. And let's be honest, is it even necessary? Think about your resolution to exercise every other day this year. Make it smaller - for example, by committing to exercise eight times a month. Setting small intermediate goals will help you see long-term results. 


Let's use the sports example mentioned earlier. Exercising eight times a month is achievable, as long as you reward yourself after achieving these midterm goals. That one film you've been longing to see? Schedule it at the end of your first 'exercise month' and treat yourself to a fun getaway. Double the fun: you get a healthy dose of dopamine thanks to exercising and the reward system. Just a sidenote: exercising is just one of many examples. Keep reading and find out about the importance of staying true to yourself while setting your resolutions. 


It's great to have influencer after influencer bombarding you with fitness goals, but you've got other things on your mind. You have already attempted going to the gym several times and it really didn't turn out to suit you. And yet you would like to be more active this year. What about a nice walk? Put on your sports leggings and good shoes, find your favourite podcast, and take a walk on a route and time that is doable for you. There are dozens of apps to provide you with walking goals and tips. Again, keep it achievable. A marathon could be an ultimate goal, but a 30-minute walk every day is also totally fine! The closer your goals are to yourself, the more achievable they will be. 


It almost sounds like directing your own film: choosing a theme. Be - if possible - the director of your own life by choosing which topic deserves focus this year. Think of a theme like 'adventure', to motivate yourself for that one trip. Or 'self-care’ because you want to take care of yourself a bit more this year. Such a theme makes you look forward to your goals more and set small matching goals. Those themes could also be perfect to incorporate in your very own vision board.. 


Grab your scissors, glue and a big sheet of paper. Vision boards are still hot and happening in 2023. Visualising your goals can be incredibly helpful as well as fun. Dream away at that picturesque French village where you want to make restaurant reservations this year without Google Translate. This makes your goal of learning a new language a lot more fun! According to "the law of attraction," visualising your dreams and goals also helps to make them eventually come true. With the help of your imagination, the mood board may turn into reality! Make your goals achievable, but also dare to dream big.  


Isn't it an incredibly beautiful phenomenon? The way people decide year after year to improve their lives? Chances are that one of your friends, neighbours, or family members have the same intention. For example, set a goal together if you find support in motivating each other. Sometimes you just need that one friend to pull you off the couch. And vice versa! You really don't have to carry your resolutions around with you like a big secret. Although sometimes it feels exciting to share them, some support might help you achieve your goals.  


Perhaps the most important tip: Make resolutions out of love for yourself. Exercise more for relaxation, read more to reduce screen time and eat healthier because you love taking good care of yourself. Plus, you know what the great thing is when things don't work out for a while? You can always start over! The New Year is traditionally the time to start making resolutions, but you can do it anytime and anywhere in the year. Just because things don't work out for a while doesn't mean the goal is completely out of reach! After all, it's nice to look back on a year and be able to say, "I have tried and that's enough''.