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In 2020 the ground suddenly shook under my feet when corona emerged. Although it was an uncertain time, I still look back on it positively. It forced me to rethink who I am, where I stand and what I want to do in the next five to ten years. Like I did in 2015.

It was a check-in on my self-expression in which I discovered that I had outgrown myself. The image I had created no longer corresponded to my own identity. People always only saw my pretty picture, but I didn’t give people the chance to get to know me further. So, I had to give space to my values and beliefs, because I am more than just a pretty picture. It was time for me to take the next step in my journey so far.

Now, I need to take responsibility for who I am and for my own journey. Stand on my own feet, make my own decisions and own them. Only then can I fulfil my longing for depth and give my own meaning to life. Yes, that might be frightening, yet it is also exciting. I know I will fall sometimes and maybe some will not always understand the choices I make, but I feel it is time to move on. To stand up and show up as I am. It's time to explore life and see what it gives me. Follow my journey.

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