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About the road I’m taking

I know, owning who you are doesn’t happen overnight. There is no road map to the destination of that, but I’m eager to find out. I’m ready to share my journey with others, so that we can eventually take it together. I know in advance that it will be a journey of exploration in which I will cross rivers of expectations - of others and of myself - as well as borders of fear, shame, discomfort and (false) security. The road will challenge me every day to be more and more myself. It will teach me to explore, embrace and own my life to ultimately explore, embrace and own who I am. Step by step.


In the first miles of exploration, I’ll discover what kinds of places, people, activities and things make me smile and thrive. What gives me energy and satisfaction? It is the most adventurous part of the journey where I actively explore what I like and don't like, what I am good at and what I am not so good at, and where I figure out my next steps and the parts I do and don't want to dedicate my life to.


By exploring life, I begin to discover who I am. By doing the things I like, I gain the confidence to create the life I want to live. It's not all fun and games, this phase lets me dig deeper into my values, my beliefs and my purpose. Who am I without the expectations of others? What are my own expectations? Am I always able to show myself as I think I am or want to be? What keeps me from blossoming? While the road of exploration seems to revolve about my own inner world, it’s more about building a solid foundation from which I can deeply connect with others.


If I want to own who I am, it involves every facet of my life. It affects my whole lifestyle. From travelling to leisure to living and even fashion. So, I will ask myself whether my roots determine my role and the environment in which I operate. Can I flourish in other areas as well? And what does it mean for the women I deeply want to connect with? How and where can I be of value within their lifestyles?


I know that I cannot add value to other women's lives without involving them. So, I have to meet them face-to-face and connect with them by listening to their desires, frustrations and perceptions of the world. I will explore their lifestyles, the things I have in common with the women I (want to) connect with and which topics in and around us I want to give attention to.

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