SUITSUIT RECOMMENDS | 8x special Mother's Day dates

Mother's Day is a perfect day to put your most important mother figure in the spotlight. And instead of giving something, you can, of course, choose to make new memories by going on an adventure together. Fortunately, organising a special Mother's Day date doesn't have to be complicated. The basis of a surprising date is to do something you have both never done before; explore together. This is how you create extra special memories. We share eight ideas for special Mother's Day dates.

Visit the theatre or a concert

Visit a performance at the theatre or a concert you have never been to before. Find a performance together that appeals to both of you and make it a special evening. For example, consider a jazz concert, a new band or maybe a modern dance performance. This is not only a fun way to have new experiences, but also to make memories you will cherish forever. Put on your finest outfit, grab a bite to eat beforehand and enjoy a memorable evening.

Get to know a new cuisine

If you both love good food, this is the perfect idea for you; get to know a new cuisine. For example, book a cooking course or visit a new restaurant from a country you haven't visited before. For example, in a cooking course, you will learn new recipes for home or discover new flavours together in a restaurant. After all, there is nothing better than making new memories while enjoying good food.

Take a cocktail workshop

Do you both love cocktails? Then a cocktail workshop is another fun way to spend time together and learn a new skill. Find a local bar that organises workshops and get to work together. Learn how to make different cocktails from other regions of the world, such as Mexico, Japan, or Eastern Europe. It's not only fun, but also useful; with these skills you'll make plenty of impressions at parties with friends and family later on. Cheers!

Roll up your sleeves

If you both like being creative, taking a workshop in, say, ceramics, painting, or flower arranging could be a wonderful Mother's Day date for you. Not only is this a great way to boost your creativity, but also to make happy memories. So, roll up your sleeves together; maybe you will even find a common hobby to do together.

Escape from an escape room

Do you both love games and mystery? Then a visit to an escape room is perfect for you. This is a game where you have to escape from a room within a certain time by solving puzzles and riddles.  There are escape rooms with different themes and levels of difficulty. For instance, you can choose a thriller, a mysterious detective, or an adventurous jungle room. It is a fun and challenging way to experience something new with your mum. And if you manage to escape, together you will have an achievement to talk about for a long time.

Go away for the weekend

Perhaps this option is a bit more obvious, but a weekend away together means you make time to have a good chat, discover new places and recharge. With the hectic pace of everyday life, it can therefore be extra nice to turn Mother's Day into a long weekend. Amsterdam, Antwerp or Paris, for example, are easy to reach by train. But Lisbon and Rome are also ideal for a weekend away. Visit different museums, immerse yourself in the food culture, or go out with a local guide to discover special hidden places.

Get to know each other better

Do you like conversations about deeper topics? Mother's Day is a great opportunity to spend some quality time and get to know each other better. A fun way to do this is through a question game. One of the most popular question games is the game 'We’re Not Really Strangers’. This game contains questions that cover different topics, such as your personal values, your dreams, and your best memories. This way, you will not only learn more about your mother, but also about yourself. Pack a picnic basket, settle down in a park and chat together about your biggest dreams and life lessons.

Go relax at the spa

Mother figures often have busy lives and need to keep many . That is why it is good to unwind now and then. A day at the spa is your ideal Mother's Day date. After all, many spas offer various treatments, such as massages, facials, and body treatments. But you can also just enjoy the sauna, pool, and relaxation areas. Again, of course, you can try something new together. For example, opt for a hammam spa and enjoy new, relaxation rituals.

In short, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to make new memories. It is a great time to spend time together and go on an adventure. By discovering something new together, you create moments that will stay with you forever. The most important thing for a surprising and successful Mother's Day is that you both enjoy it. Choose something that will also make you both happy and make it an unforgettable day. And would you rather give something as a gift anyway? Then read more about SUITSUIT's best Mother's Day gift tips. Happy Mother’s Day!