Discover authentic Milan with Kiran, a local who loves to share her favourite hidden spots with us. From cosy cafés to charming alleys, Kiran takes us on a special journey through the city, where we experience the local culture together. Allow yourself to get inspired and discover the real Milan through the eyes of someone who knows the city best. 

The alleys of Brera 

Start your trip in Milan by exploring the streets of the Italian fashion capital. Brera is located in the heart of Milan, where you'll walk through beautiful alleys with colourful detailed houses. Plants and flowers fill the streets, along with smaller boutiques, cafes, and art studios. 

For a delicious lunch, head to Fioraio Bianchi Caffé. Here you'll find small bites and sandwiches. Try a typical Italian cornetto, similar to a croissant but much sweeter and filled with jam, hazelnut cream, pistachio filling, or many other flavours. The café is a nice place to relax and recharge for the rest of the day. If you're looking for a place to have dinner in the evening, you can also dine here! 

Fondazione Prada 

For art lovers, Fondazione Prada is a must-visit. The museum was founded by Muiccia Prada, head designer at the renowned fashion house Prada, and her husband, with a focus on modern art. The founders believe that art can offer a new perspective on the changes that are currently happening in the world. The program includes not only art but also architecture and scientific projects. Finally, take a seat at Bar Luce, designed by the famous filmmaker Wes Anderson, located right next to the museum. 

Fresh pasta and pizza 

To end your day with delicious freshly made pizza or pasta, we recommend Osteria da Fortuna. The restaurant has been around since 1920, and the secret recipes have never been changed, passed down for a few generations from mother to daughter. As you walk by, you can see the kitchen from the street. There's a reason for that; the owner believes it's important for everyone to see that the pasta and pizza dough are made from scratch. The basis of the dishes consists of ingredients from their own farm near Rome. 

Take a break 

When you're constantly surrounded by stimuli in a busy city, it's nice to take a moment to find some peace and quiet. You can do this at QC Termemilano, a spa hidden behind the walls built in the fifth century to protect the Spanish city. They offer various wellness areas, including a tram converted into a bio-sauna. Or enjoy the cinema pool, where you can relax surrounded by atmospheric projections, such as a rainstorm.

Day trip to Lake Como 

While you're in the area, you might as well take the train to Lake Como. The train will get you there within 40 minutes. If you're there earlier in the morning, you can have a great breakfast at Patisserie Poletti. From sweet pastries to savoury meals, they've got it all. Once you've had breakfast, you're ready to explore the surroundings of Lake Como. 

Right next to the patisserie is Villa d’Este. Built in 1568, the villa has been inhabited by various royalties such as the Princess of Wales. Since the early twentieth century, it has been transformed into a hotel, but now visitors can also walk through it. Walk through the impressive garden or explore the detailed interior inside the building. Enjoy the beautiful nature around Lake Como before returning to the vibrant energy of Milan.