Inspired by | Kiran Runs a Jewellery Brand and Retreat in Sicily

Originally from just outside London with Indian heritage, Kiran currently lives in Milan. She leads a dynamic life, running a jewellery brand featuring ethically handcrafted pieces made in India. Alongside this business, Kiran and her partner, Gaetano, curate and host creative and wellbeing retreats in Sicily. These escapes provide participants with a space to disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with themselves through activities such as yoga, painting, and cooking classes.  

A Perfect Balance  

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Kiran's connection with India was established during her childhood visits. However, she didn't return for 20 years until 2018, when she began gathering inspiration for her jewellery brand. She cherishes her travels in India, its vibrant chaos makes her feel alive. Kiran promised herself to return at least every year, and besides during COVID, she followed up to that promise. Despite her connection to India, Kiran appreciates Italy’s slower pace, especially compared to her upbringing nearby London. She embraces as sense of slow travel and finds joy in occasional Italian getaways during long weekends. Leveraging the convenience of travelling by train, which is a very common form of transportation around Italian cities like Milan. 

“It's not just about seeing the place. It's about knowing the place.”  

The Italian Dream  

It wasn't exactly a hard task for Kiran to fall in love with Italy. Her journey started when she was just 16, a holiday in Italy truly ignited her passion for the country. She dove into learning Italian, pursued it in university, and even went on an exchange program in Florence. Later, she pursued her Masters in Milan, where she met Gaetano, who originally comes from Sicily. Their mutual adoration for Sicily inspired them to organise retreats on the island. For Kiran, Sicily represents a sense of liberation, with its beautiful beaches and diverse nature.  

“I always felt really free. Like it's just a kind of freedom I couldn't really capture.”   

Days at the Retreat  

A typical day at Kiran and Gaetano’s retreat is a mix of creativity, self-reflection, and nature. Each retreat has its unique theme, with activities focused on embracing culture and connecting with oneself. In June, a yoga and Tantra teacher leads sessions incorporating meditation, breathwork, and rituals to foster self-connection. Participants are encouraged to engage their senses fully. Two retreats in September offer experiences tailored to intuitive practices and creativity. Mornings at the retreat begin with peaceful moments in nature. Followed by planned sessions and extensive brunches. These brunches feature Sicilian culinary delights curated by a local chef. Who has a passion for sharing her family's recipes.  

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Following the Signs   

When it comes to turning ideas into reality, Kiran stresses the importance of acknowledging signs that indicate when it’s the right time to act. Before starting her jewellery brand, she spent a year contemplating it. Eventually, she took a small step by sending her designs to an artisan group in Jaipur, and things started to come to fruition.   

The same thing happened with her retreat in Sicily. Kiran and Gaetano had been thinking about it for about two years before launching it. Then, after a conversation with their friend and teacher, and after having found the perfect location, everything fell into place naturally, prompting them to collectively take the leap. They put down a deposit, launched the retreat, and from there, it gained momentum.

“Starting with something small, like sharing your designs, launching a website or putting down a deposit, is what truly gets a project going.”   

Finding Fulfilment in Everything You Do  

Balancing the responsibilities of a young business owner isn't easy. Providing for oneself while pursuing creative endeavours presents its challenges. However, finding fulfilment in work aligned with personal passions can feel like a significant achievement. Kiran believes that, sometimes, stepping back from the daily grind can offer clarity. When faced with difficulties, she likes to receive support and mentorship from her loved ones.  

Kiran emphasises that comparing oneself to others can be detrimental, as each person has their own unique path. She reflects on her experiences, sharing how her mother serves as a constant source of inspiration. Her intelligence, understanding, and care motivate Kiran to persevere and pursue all her dreams.  

“My advice is to just play into your uniqueness.”