SUITSUIT Inspired by | Nina and Sila's Female Friendship-making Platform After5

Nina and Sila, the dynamic duo behind After5, share a passion for fostering meaningful connections among women. Nina, originally from the Netherlands, set off on an international journey for her studies and MBA in fashion business. Travelling from Istanbul to cities like Shanghai and Paris, before returning to her current home in Rotterdam. Meanwhile, Sila, originally from Turkey, navigated her career in tech sales across places like Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Sweden, eventually settling in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Their common experiences led them to recognise the challenge of building friendships in new environments. With a shared vision, they founded After5; a friend-making platform for ambitious, life loving and authentic women.    


Nina and Sila's paths crossed in Istanbul, initially with just a brief encounter. However, their connection deepened when they reconnected on Instagram after both settling in the Netherlands. 

Nina's passion for travel stems from her childhood experiences, where the exposure to different cultures sparked her curiosity. From early on, she sought opportunities to explore, even going to the United States alone at the age of 14 to learn English. Through her travels, she learned valuable lessons about the universality of human experiences and the diversity of cultures worldwide. Travel taught her the power of shaping one's own reality and inspired her to embrace new environments. 

Similarly, Sila finds travel to be a source of inspiration, emphasising its role in shaping authenticity. She believes that experiencing different ways of living fosters personal growth and opens one's mind to diverse perspectives. Sila's trip to Iceland stands out as a memorable experience, where she got inspired by people who live in remote areas and truly embrace their own unique way of living.  

“If you continue to stay in one city, your knowledge will be super limited. However, it’s not about you, but your environment. Travelling allows you to engage with others and learn from them. It makes us more authentic and shapes us into our own unique person.”   


After5 offers diverse meeting experiences, catering to various preferences, from cosy dinners to large events and one-on-one gatherings. The community consists of ambitious women who bring diverse perspectives and backgrounds. With a personalised approach, creating an optimised experience, After5 matches them with other like-minded women. This curated approach enhances the chances of meaningful connections, as members gather over shared experiences. The women who apply often like to share more about their careers and social lives, enriching the community with their overall presence.  

“Despite your moments alone, it's crucial to remind yourself that there are plenty of new connections waiting. Especially within communities of like-minded individuals.” 


Expanding over diverse culinary scenes across Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, After5 organises sittings at restaurants that are known for their hospitality and welcoming atmosphere. As it is important for Nina and Sila to serve all members, they always seek for menus that fit all dietary restrictions. While not a strict requirement, the platform prioritises collaborations with women-owned restaurants, extending its support to female entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. With established partnerships in multiple cities, After5 aims to expand its reach further, offering various opportunities for connection, whether through drinks, brunch, or dinner gatherings. 

“We always go for shared dining experiences, as this really aligns with our concept. There is something about sharing food that opens people up.” 


Based on their previous travel experiences, Nina and Sila understand that navigating through a new country can be intimidating. According to Nina, it's essential to recognise that the fear you feel is internal, not a reflection of others' perceptions. Taking it one step at a time, embracing each encounter with openness, and remembering to breathe can help ease the transition.  

Sila on the other hand, believes that being proud of your bravery and remaining curious about new experiences are key attitudes to adopt. While developing connections in a new place may initially seem overwhelming, the rewards of building meaningful relationships are invaluable.  

Through platforms like After5, the journey of connecting with others becomes more accessible, offering various opportunities for support and friendship. Sharing experiences and opening up to others fosters a sense of belonging and mutual assistance, enriching every aspect of the journey, whether in daily life or during all your travels. 

Are you ready to start sharing your experiences? Make sure to sign up at After5! 

 Photo credit: Gilles de Witthamer.