Unwind: 10x beautiful yoga destinations in Europe

These days it’s almost normal to constantly be busy and to never stop working. Yet it’s super important that we don’t lose ourselves in our busy schedules. Therefore, self care is essential. And what is more self care than a mega-zen yoga retreat? That’s where everything revolves around rest and your health. We’ve listed 10 beautiful yoga destinations in Europe for you. Namasté!

Quarna Sopra, Italy

The Mandali Retreat Center is located beautifully in the north of Italy: on top of a mountain, overlooking Lake Orta. The place is truly magical. It doesn't matter whether you take a week or a weekend retreat here, you’ll come back feeling reborn without a doubt. 

Sicily, Italy

There’s so much to do and discover on this beautiful Italian island. Besides that, it has beautiful nature, which makes the island perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Besides the fact that Sicily is ideal for a yoga retreat, you can easily fill up your spare time with discovering Sicily’s culture, lying on the beach and eating delicious Italian food!

Ibiza, Spain

For many people, Ibiza isn’t the first place that comes to mind when thinking about a "yoga retreat". Peace and bustling Ibiza doesn’t necessarily seem like the best match, but nothing could be further from the truth. The beautiful north of the island is an oasis of peace. You’ll also find Yoga Ibiza here, where you can follow an Inner Bliss yoga retreat. They pay attention not only to yoga, but also to holistic coaching and massages. Relaxation guaranteed!

Alicante, Spain

For those who want to return from their holiday fit and healthy, this hotel in Alicante is the perfect place. Hotel Sha Wellness is all about fitness, anti-stress and weight control. This destination might be more suitable for a "wellness retreat" rather than a "yoga retreat", but relaxation and a good atmosphere are guaranteed anyway. Besides the fact that you probably like to be in the hotel because of the beautiful design interior, there’s also a lot to do outside of the resort. A great combination, right?

Oxfordshire, England

This may seem like an unsuitable place for a yoga retreat, but nothing could be further from the truth. Oxfordshire belongs to the beautiful countryside of England and is the ideal place to completely unwind. Imagine waking up to the meadows with morning dew during a relaxing yoga session. *Sigh* When can we leave? 

Domburg, Zeeland

For our Dutchies: forget the airplane! You don't necessarily have to get up in the air to take a yoga retreat. Zeeland is our yoga destination in our own country. The YogaBee Retreat Center is located in cozy Domburg: a villa with wonderful yoga rooms and suitable for no fewer than 16 people. All this with a view of the wide Zeeland meadows and less than 500 meters from the beach.

Algarve, Portugal

Would you like to relax, but don’t want to lie on a yoga mat for the entire holiday? Then you’d like One Life Lodge in the beautiful Portuguese Algarve for sure. Here, both relaxation and enjoying nature are the main focus. You’ll stay in a luxury lodge and start each day with a yoga session. Then there’s time for nature. For example, you can book a Yoga & Hike and a Yoga & Surf retreat here. Relaxing has never been so much fun! :)

Røn, Norway

Only three hours from Oslo, surrounded by the beautiful Norwegian nature (read: lakes, high mountains and waterfalls), you’ll find the Nøsen Yoga Resort. Situated high in the mountains, the resort is ideal if you want to get away from the chaos of the city. The resort offers various yoga retreats and workshops that can be combined with discovering the area. Thanks to the location of the hotel you can also go skiing, mountain biking, canoeing and fishing in the area. In short, tranquility & Norwegian nature at its best!

Ithaca, Greece

On the small Greek island of Ithaca you’ll find a cute boutique hotel called Itha 108. This "mini yoga resort" mainly offers yoga classes outside, surrounded by olive trees and with a beautiful sea view. In short, you want to go here for a yoga retreat in the sun!

Montbel, Southern France

Spending a week in an authentic French country house; that wouldn’t hurt. La Borde Blanque is surrounded by nature and offers various yoga retreats and courses. Here, you can completely escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful French nature and the day program also leaves enough time to explore the area or to take a dip in the pool. Sounds like a dream, right?

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