The inspiration behind Fab Seventies

These days, it seems quite normal to always be busy. With our careers, family and social lives. Also, with our endless striving to meet the expectations the world has of us. We are always there for someone else while we often forget to take care of ourselves. Doing nothing for a day quickly feels rebellious. Fortunately, we are starting to realise more and more that a hectic life is not always a good thing. As a result, we look for structure and tranquillity. Read more about the story behind Fab Seventies: creating balance.   

"Balance isn’t something you find, 
it's something you create." 

Need for structure and balance  

At the moment, there are clearly two movements in society. First, we are all in need of rest, relaxation and optimism again. Away from our hectic daily life. We want to start enjoying the simple things. But we are also looking for balance and clarity. Eric Koedijk, Head of Design at SUITSUIT, explains further: "We have been living in a restless and polarised time for a while now, in which it sometimes feels that nothing seems what it used to be or how it should have been. The longing for balance between structure and tranquillity, inspired me for this collection." 

Inspiration from the 1970s  

The same need for tranquillity and balance found its heritage in the 1970s. The translation of this need can also be seen in the interior design of that era. Eric: "In the interior design industry, you often see a very clear influence of social movements. At the moment, 1970s interiors are hugely popular. There you can also see that tranquillity, nature and simplicity, combined with earthy tones and natural materials, are central. This creates balance in a place where we spend a lot of our time, and where we have discovered what an influence our environment has on our mood and energy."  

All elements connected  

In the Fab Seventies collection, this perfect harmony is found within all the design elements, with clean, clear lines and minimalist design. In this, all elements relate to each other. Eric: "All models have become less undulating and more straightforward. The shape of the suitcase itself, but also the look of the accessories and wheels, for example: The wheels are no longer open but closed. That creates visually pleasing tranquillity. Furthermore, I used warm, neutral mid-tone colours that are completely in line with the current trend. Finished with accessories in warm brown tones, which makes this collection natural and soothing. Exactly the feeling you want to embrace when you want to take a break from the hustle and fast pace of everyday life."  

The Fab Seventies collection comes in three new colours. Discover the collection.