We all love those summer nights. It’s the perfect time to enjoy long, cosy evenings outdoors with family and friends. But we can’t help to miss the clear blue skies, cosiness, and sunlight. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to help you make the most of every minute of the season, we got you! SUITSUIT picked the most stunning light spectacles for you. Indoors and outdoors.


Would you like to combine a museum visit with a stunning view? It's all possible in Antwerp on the roof of Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS). Finish a visit to one of the museums with a picturesque view. The climb up is totally worth it. And once you reach the roof, you can enjoy the beautiful view of 'the Diamond City' - the nickname Antwerp earned thanks to its vibrant diamond industry. The MAS and the panoramic roof are both free to visit, but don't forget to buy an entry ticket when visiting an exhibition. Every Thursday evening, during school holidays, you can stargaze for free on the roof of the MAS - where Urania provides a telescope.


An overwhelming light show on the metres-high walls of an old smithy: Atelier des Lumières in the middle of East Paris. Watch the works and personas of artists such as Cézanne and Kandinsky come to life in a 360-degree experience. The ever-changing exhibitions feature both earlier and more modern work - think of works by impressionist Salvador Dalí, as well as the stunning visuals of photographer Jimmy Nelson. On top of the impressive visual aspect, you will be surrounded by captivating music by composers or artists like David Bowie. You have never seen art like this before! Pre-booking tickets is definitely recommended, due to its high popularity.


At the heart of Descanso Gardens, California, you will find an interactive light show for all ages. The annual 'Enchanted Forest of Light' light festival offers a walk through themes such as Ancient Forest and Flower Power. New creations by visual artists are also presented every year. The botanical garden, which is also beautiful in daylight, transforms into a veritable paradise at night. Stroll through a city of stained-glass creations built in a rose garden. Or admire sparkling geometric installations, with the sound of running water in the background.


This stunning spot, located in Lauwersmeer National Park, was officially named as a 'Dark Sky Park' in 2016. You can enjoy endless starry skies in the beautifully designed sky platforms. Bring a pillow, a thermos filled with hot tea and imagine you are miles away in a vast universe. Admire the Milky Way, look for the Great Bear or learn even more about the exact observations with a planisphere: a detailed star chart. The Lauwersmeer area is the Netherlands' second Dark Sky Park, as Boschplaat on the island of Terschelling was named the Netherlands' first Dark Sky Park in 2015: definitely worth a visit as well!


The 'Aurora Borealis', better known as the Northern Lights, is undeniably one of the most spectacular views in the world. The dark Scandinavian sky turns into a true work of art every year thanks to the dazzling Northern Lights. The multicoloured curtains of light almost seem to dance around the earth between September and March. Ancient myths still circulate about the origins of the Northern Lights. Legends claim that magical beings and spirits create this light - nowadays, many studies show that this natural phenomenon can be explained scientifically. And yet it takes nothing away from its magic. The very fact that the aurora keeps changing throughout the night makes the Northern Lights timelessly fascinating. It is no surprise that millions of tourists have been travelling all over the world to admire this phenomenon.