Already have some ideas of how to surprise your loved ones this Christmas? Mariah Carey sings passionately about her own Christmas wishes every year - but all I want for Christmas is.. I really don't know?! SUITSUIT is happy to help - for both larger and smaller budgets. For the DIY-Queen and the lover of 'ordered today, shipped tomorrow'! We highlight the best gifts for you, from our own SUITSUIT items with festive discounts, to musical memories.


The charm of analog photography, with the usability of your phone. Have you heard of the concept of "Paper Shoot? This is an eco-friendly digital camera made from paper. If you are into disposable cameras and the analog "feel" of the photos - this is the ultimate gift. Its benefits? You won't have to return any film rolls since the camera is reusable! You simply insert an SD card into the Paper Shoot. Capture beautiful moments with up to four color filters. With a variety of designs and prints, you can find the perfect fit for everyone.


Looking for a small but delicate gift for your travelbuddy? 'Travel in style' takes on a whole new meaning with SUITSUIT's passport covers. Think of a passport holder from the Fab Seventies Classic collection, with a subtle SUITSUIT logo. Or a Black Gold collection passport holder for that special friend with a more minimalistic style. Besides protecting your passport, the cover also has plenty of space for other cards - and your boarding pass, for example. Write a heartfelt New Year' wish on a card and put it in the passport cover. Or use this passport as a subtle hint to plan a fun vacation together in 2023!


As you know your friends very well, you know best what they love. Their favourite coffee brand, jewellery.. You name it! Create a personalized Christmas gift box and make it as spectacular as you want. The basics are simple. You need a gift box or a nice (second-hand) basket. Stuff it with tasty snacks, fun photos or a voucher for a day out. Then wrap it in a cute silk scarf or wrapping paper and voila: the cutest Christmas giftbox ever!


You might have heard that your sister-in-law or friend is in desperate need of a new bag. If so, you might want to consider our upright bag! Convenient and available in matching colours with the Fab Seventies suitcases. This way she always looks classy on the go or on vacation. You will find a small pocket on the inside of the bag for your smartphone and a spacious compartment with enough room for a 13inch laptop, tablet, or e-reader. Items like your wallet and keys can be stored in a separate zippered pocket. The perfect bag for travel or a shopping day.


Music tells more than words could ever say, right? Reflect on the year in a personalised playlist. Whether it is meant for your lover or friend, you undoubtedly have some music memories together. From that one concert, that amazing road trip, the regular carpool rides or just another great moment. Combine a tasty delicacy with a card, which includes a link to the playlist. Or have that one song printed on plexi-glass. If you type in "personalise music sign," you will automatically find dozens of options. Your favourite song framed, or a beautiful picture for the wall with a picture of your own choice. It is all possible!


Do you know someone in your surroundings who could use some extra love? A little bit of self care could never go wrong! Gift them a toiletry bag full of goodies for example. Add on some good smelling hairmask, body lotion or coconut oil. Or fill up a make up bag with a nice lipstick, eyeshadow or bronzer and for the cherry on top; a giftcard for a wellnessday.

Is wellness not really their thing? You could always add a gift of own choice. Maybe a  cinema voucher for the film Geek or a ticket for a cozy home made dinner at your place!


Make sure to keep an eye on our website in case you want to purchase a SUITSUIT gift! You will find great offers throughout December. We also have some fun discounts coming up, so stay tuned. Enjoy the holidays with SUITSUIT!