Packing Cubes: Neat and Tidy


Packing can be a hassle. As the saying goes: well begun is half done. Start with a straightforward step − which is unfortunately often neglected − sort everything by category on your bed. This way you create an overview, hence you can quickly check whether you packed enough. Then, put each "category" in a matching Packing Cube, and voilà − your belongings are easily accessible and neatly packed.

Did you know that the Packing Cubes come in different shapes and sizes? Therefore, they are suitable for all kind of luggage and trips. Find here a Packing Cube set that fits your travelling style.


Packing more than necessary − does this sound familiar? We do it again and again, arriving with an overloaded suitcase to our holiday/business trip destination. And usually, only half of the clothes, toiletries and other I-can't-live-without items are being used. With a set of Packing Cubes, it won't happen again as every organiser can contain a limited volume of objects. You'll learn to make choices and select only what you truly need on your trip. And who knows, maybe you'll have some room left for new purchases.

Tip: Hold every item in your hand and ask yourself whether you are going to wear or use it. Be honest with yourself. Opt for clothes that are easy to pair and mix & match.


Do you need anything from your suitcase at the airport? No problem. With the Packing Cubes, you have your luggage sorted out while packing. Therefore, you'll know exactly what is in which Packing Cube. That saves you a long search through your suitcase for that particular one item. Extra plus: the rest of your luggage stays neat because you don't have to mess everything up.

Tip: Do you know in advance that you need something from your suitcase? Make sure that the Packing Cubes that contains the items you need is placed on top of your suitcase, ready at hand.


It's nice to be perfectly organised not only during your flight, car or train ride but also during your holiday. Moreover, it is a shame to leave your Packing Cubes in your suitcase for the entire holiday. Depending on the size of your handbag, you can use the Cubes to organise the contents of your bag or to store your toiletries for a day at the beach.

Tip: Use the smallest Packing Cube as a pouch for the loose items. We promise, your keys, lip balm, rubber bands, and charger will never be scattered throughout your bag again.


Do you put off unpacking and cleaning up after coming back from a business trip or a holiday? Guess what: you are not the only one. We know, you'd prefer to postpone it until your next trip. But procrastination is the thief of time. When using the Packing Cubes, you have all your items neatly sorted and packed. And it makes unpacking extremely quick and fuss-free, as you don't need to roam through clean and dirty clothes and randomly placed items.

Tip: Packing Cubes are ideal for "categorising" your belongings, but the Cubes are also ideal for separating clean and dirty clothes.  When back home, simply throw the contents of the "dirty clothes" Cube into a laundry basket and place the unworn, clean items back in the wardrobe.

Using these five simple tips, you can forget about the stress of packing and travelling. Besides, coming home and unpacking becomes effortlessly easy, too. Good luck packing your suitcase.