There are many ways to come together during the festive season. Every culture has its own traditions and habits, from sharing stories around a table full of delicious food to decorating the Christmas tree with family on Christmas Eve. Embrace what the festive season has to offer in your own special way.


During this festive season, we share a piece of ourselves and our traditions. We'd like to show you the festive traditions of the women behind SUITSUIT. Each one of these women has their own unique culture and background story. Some of these inspiring colleagues share their ways of coming together, hoping to connect and inspire others.


The holidays can be celebrated in many different ways. Everyone has their own traditions and activities, such as going for a refreshing winter walk. In this blog, we share the traditions of six colleagues from SUITSUIT.

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the perfect gift

During the holidays, it's great to give a meaningful gift to someone special. This can be in the form of a present, a memory, or a thoughtful gesture. Show that you care by choosing something that perfectly aligns with her specific style and interests.

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