Can you imagine touring along beautiful white cliffs, stunning natural landscapes, and beaches with azure blue seas? Lefkas, also known as 'Lefkada,' is Greece's greenest island. As you drive around the island, you'll notice its richness in beautiful flowers and vast forests. From charming ancient villages to picturesque beaches, Lefkas is a place of authentic beauty. In this blog, we'll take you through the most unique and authentic places in Lefkas. We've planned three routes for you. Explore them at your own pace and discover the island's charm. 

Route 1: Nidri - Lefkas Town - Karya - Agios Nikitas 

Begin your trip from the charming harbour village Nidri. Here, you can relax on the first day of your holiday. With a colourful boulevard and a lively center, you can combine a day at the beach with some sightseeing. In the morning, you can have breakfast by the beach at Ikaros Cafe. Many locals consider this a great place to start their day. You can calmly enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise. Then, hop in the car and drive to your next destination: Lefkas Town. This is the island's capital, here you can stroll through picturesque streets and shop at local stores. Make a brunch stop at Ristretto, an espresso bar located in one of the side streets. You can order, for example, an avocado toast made with fresh local ingredients. 

The route continues to the picturesque mountain village of Karya. This village is home to beautiful craft shops where you can find handmade carpets and homemade figurines. Explore the charming streets and make a stop at the Folklore Museum, adorned with extraordinary and colourful embroideries. The embroidery pieces were made by Maria Stavraka, who lost one of her hands when she was nine years old. Despite losing her hand, Maria taught herself how to embroider with one hand, allowing her to continue pursuing her passion. The owner enthusiastically tells Maria's story and provides a wonderful tour through the house. 

Drive to your next destination and take some time for a breath-taking pit stop at Amente, a restaurant hidden in the mountains. This location offers a panoramic view of the clear blue sea. Take a dip in the pool and relax amidst the mountains. It has a pleasant atmosphere where you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy delicious local dishes. If you're interested in watching the sunset at the end of the day, you can do so here. In the evening, local artists come to create amazing live music. 

Next, drive to Agios Nikitas, a charming village by the beach. Ideal for a beach walk, exploring local shops, and having an authentic dinner. The village is filled with shops and restaurants where you can experience the local Greek atmosphere. For dinner, we recommend joining Sapfo, an authentic fish restaurant right by the beach. Sit among the locals and choose from various local dishes, such as Greek fish carpaccio or freshly caught mussels. Then, enjoy a delightful house wine while watching the evening sun go down. 

Route 2: Syvros - Poros/Egremni/Porto Katsiki - Vasiliki 

Start your day somewhere along the way at one of the local bakeries. Here, you'll often find authentic Greek pastries. The bakeries are simply decorated cafes with many sweet pastries and delicious coffee. Enjoy a delightful croissant and espresso freddo, a Greek version of iced coffee. Then, head to Syvros, located in the heart of the island. Here, you can visit the Fabbrica Olive Museum, where you'll be taken through the history and process of olives. The enthusiastic guide will tell you everything she knows about olives and the production of olive oil and other products. End your tour with tasting products made from locally produced olives. In the shop, you can buy handmade soaps, skincare products, and delicacies. 

Interested in discovering the local wine of the island? Then, drive to Lefkas Earth Winery, where you'll be welcomed by Fotini, a local woman from the island and the winery. Here, you can taste various organic wines and take a tour of the winery. Feel free to ask Fotini anything you want to know about local wine production. She lovingly shares her passion for making organic wines. 

After the winery visit, it's time to explore the beautiful beaches of Lefkas. Take a refreshing dip at places like Poros, Egremni, and Porto Katsiki. Here, you'll see the azure blue water and the soft sand for which Lefkas is well-known. End your beach adventure with lunch in Vasiliki, where you can wander around the harbour. In a side street near the harbour, you'll find Patio, a Greek restaurant where you'll be welcomed by Dimitri, the hospitable owner. Taste typical Greek dishes while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. For example, order a feta salad or halloumi, grilled goat cheese. Dimitri and his team are like a close-knit family. 

End the day with dinner on the west coast of Lefkas, at Monato beach bar. A great place to join for dinner with a beautiful sunset view. Here, they combine typical Greek dishes with a modern twist, resulting in a flavourful experience. It's the perfect way to end a day on Lefkas. 

Route 3: Eglouvi - Nidri 

With this route, you'll delve deeper into the sustainable side of Lefkas. Start your journey with a drive to Eglouvi, also known as the lentil village of Lefkas. Along the way, you'll see a sign for an "Eco Farm" by the road. Even though you haven't quite reached Eglouvi yet, be sure to stop by this farm. Here, you'll be warmly welcomed by a mother and son. They are happy to give you a tour and tell you about their organic farming practices, where everything grows on their own land for personal use. The farm follows the principle of slow living, using plants and vegetables in their natural form, regardless of their size. The owners live in a tent and a small shed on the property. They organise workshops and dinners using ingredients exclusively from the farm. It's an educational experience, so make sure to spend some extra time here! The visit to this farm offers a unique insight into sustainable living on Lefkas. You can easily spend half a day here. 

Then, drive to the village of Eglouvi for lunch. It's highly recommended to make a pit stop at the authentic restaurant Ta Lytrata. This restaurant is known for its local lentils, among other dishes. Everything in this restaurant is freshly made with local products, including delicious cakes. It’s run by a Greek couple who will warmly welcome you. It's a perfect place to get to know the authentic flavours of the land and to enjoy Greek hospitality. 

End the day in Nidri. Here, you can relax after your car trip at beach bars like Pinewood or Maraboo Beach with a tropical cocktail or a typical Greek Mythos beer. Then, you can have dinner at The Barrel. This restaurant is located on the Nidri boulevard and is known for serving high-quality food. 

With these three routes, you have gained a beautiful impression of the diverse island of Lefkas. From picturesque mountain villages to beautiful beaches, Lefkas has something for everyone. Let yourself be mesmerised by the beauty of the island, immerse yourself in Greek culture, and enjoy the delicious dishes that the local cuisine has to offer. A trip to Lefkas is the perfect getaway for an authentic experience in Greece.