SUITSUIT INSPIRED BY | Foodie Nathalie cooks in nature

It's great to be outdoors and stimulate your senses during a walk in nature. By making conscious choices, such as responsible travel, you can further enrich this experience. Swedish native Nathalie Spjälle (32) has spent a lot of time in nature from a young age. In this blog, she shares her insights on how to incorporate nature more into your daily life. She also emphasizes the importance of responsible travel and the experiences it brings. 

Living on a Farm 

Nathalie lives in a small village near a forest with her husband and two dogs. She lives on her farm, which she purchased from a family member ten years ago. It's a beautiful place close to nature. She says, "I had just returned from a road trip through the United States and Australia, and I was longing for the peace and quiet that nature offers." 

The farm provided her with the tranquillity she was looking for. She grew up in the same small village where her family often went for walks in the woods. They picked various types of vegetables and berries there, and she frequently went skiing with her parents. In her teenage years, she moved to the city, but she found it to be too overwhelming.  

Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables 

Nathalie can't imagine her life without her farm anymore. She says, "These are the best years of my life. I am grateful every day that I get to wake up here." Now that she lives on the farm again, she often harvests berries and vegetables in the woods, which she uses in her cooking. "Mushrooms and various berries are abundant in these forests. Blueberries and cloudberries are my favourites, and I can make delicious berry pies with them during the autumn." 

Nature and Food 

In 2019, Nathalie started her Instagram account @foodbynatta. She says, "I was looking for a place where I could express my creativity, and I found it on Instagram. I began taking a lot of photos of nature, the food I prepare, and the farm where I live." She began creating her own recipes and shared them on social media. 

Her inspiration primarily comes from other people who share their recipes. She often sees creations on Instagram that she wants to try for herself. By experimenting with her own adjustments, she puts her own spin on each dish, often including ingredients she picks from nature. 

"I also purchased a Storm Cooker, which is a small portable gas stove commonly used during camping. It was the perfect way to combine my two great passions, nature and food." Since buying it, she started making recipes that are easy to prepare with the Storm Cooker, making it perfect for travelling. Over the years, she has collaborated with various Swedish chefs. 

On the Road with the Camper 

Nathalie loves travelling with her camper. She can bring her Storm Cooker with her and easily travel around the country. She says, "I enjoy going to Norway with the camper. The nature there is beautiful, and there are so many different places to explore. I have amazing travel memories from Norway." 

Once on the road, she believes it's important to connect with the locals. Her advice is: "buy your ingredients at the market and support the local community. Harvest your own vegetables and fruit in nature or buy eggs from a nearby farm. This way, you learn much more about a country and its culture." 

Another advice she offers is to start preparing at home. "Cook a few simple meals for on the road or make your own snacks. This will save you a lot of effort, money, and time during your journey." 

Enjoy the Little Things 

The Travel Guide of Sweden introduces the term 'lagom,' which translates to 'just right,' 'sufficient', or 'almost perfect.' This philosophy of life is all about balance and conscious living. According to Nathalie, it's important to enjoy the little things, whether you're travelling or at home. She says, "I feel that we often take things for granted. You don't have to travel around the world to experience beautiful things; your own country has beautiful things to offer." 

By savouring everyday things, your day becomes much more beautiful and enjoyable. She adds, "When I walk through the forest, I enjoy admiring the autumn colours, or I lie in a field in the evening to gaze at the starry sky. These are things that come back every year, and sometimes every day, but they are very special." 

Live the Way You Want 

If Nathalie could leave one piece of advice based on what she has learned in recent years, it would be to live your life the way you want. She says, "Live the life you dream of. For some, that means travelling the world, and for others, it means living on a farm in nature. Don't wait any longer and pursue your dream."