Antwerp is a city with a rich history, vibrant culture and beautiful architecture. Whether you are an experienced traveller or visiting for the first time, Antwerp offers a unique blend of charm and modern sophistication. From quaint streets to authentic cafés and endless concept stores; there is a lot to visit in the Belgian city. We take you to the beautiful city of Antwerp.  

Diamond city 

Antwerp became one of the most important port cities in the world in the 16th century. Eventually, this allowed the city to have a lot of influence on certain products. For instance, Antwerp was called the 'Diamond City'.  Rough stones were imported from India to Antwerp, so the city had many diamonds to sell. Local diamond dealers in Antwerp had a good eye for detail and a wide selection of diamonds. This ensured that a lot of people came to Antwerp to buy a diamond. Even King François I of France ordered his diamonds here. Also, you can stroll through the Diamantenwijk in Antwerp, a district called after the diamonds. In this district, you'll spot countless diamond shops where you can have a quality check on your diamond. So, do you still have a diamond lying around the house? Then take it with you to Antwerp. 

Fashionable Antwerp 

Antwerp and fashion go hand in hand. The city has well-known fashion schools and brands. Over the years, many fashion designers have established themselves in Antwerp. Walk through the Modewijk (which translates to Fashion District) and you'll see countless designers with their own studios. Want to know even more about Antwerp's fashion? Then drop by MoMu, Antwerp's fashion museum. This museum features various collection presentations that change constantly. You can easily spend a whole day here. So be sure to treat yourself to a delicious breakfast or lunch, like at coffee and food bar Nordica 31. It's about a 15-minute walk from MoMu and serves typical Scandinavian dishes such as cinnamon or cardamom buns, and beautifully filled smørrebrøds. Haven't had enough of Antwerp's museums yet? Then try FoMu, Antwerp's photography museum. New exhibitions come here weekly to monthly. At the end of this cultural day, you can then head to Fiera, a beautiful restaurant in Antwerp's commercial building. 


You can feel the city's history and diversity as you walk through it. One building is more beautiful than another. There is a lot of history, both in the city centre and in the many neighbourhoods outside. A special neighbourhood to walk through is the Schipperskwartier. This old harbour quarter is home to the beautiful St Paul's Church. Whereas the district has dealt with a lot of prostitution and crime in the past, that changed 20 years ago. Streets were resurfaced, prostitution was tackled, and the neighbourhood's charm became visible again. Visiting Antwerp on a Saturday? Then you can also visit the Exotic Market, where several cultures come to life. Here you will find different stalls where you can buy food, spices and items from different countries. For example, enjoy fresh oysters with a glass of bubbles. Or head to BÚN for delicious Vietnamese street food. The restaurant combines dishes from Vietnam with local products from Antwerp. Tip: if you haven't made a reservation, make sure you're on time to snag a walk-in table. 

Sustainable travel 

Antwerp is a fine city to travel to by train. Not only will you be travelling sustainably, but you will also immediately arrive at one of the most beautiful halls Antwerp has to offer: the station building. The building is a recognised historical monument and was even once voted the most beautiful station in the world. The detailed walls and ceilings with artistic sculptures make the building a picture to behold. Antwerp is also a world leader when it comes to sustainability. This makes it easy to grab a bike and tour the city. Convenient, because you don't have to worry about parking. And then it's also nice that you can have a glass of wine if you feel like it.

On a sunny afternoon, Revista is the place to go. On a roundabout with several cosy restaurants and cafés, this is a great place to sit until the last rays of sunshine leave the city. Order a charcuterie board and a portion of bruschettas to end your day in Antwerp. Looking for some more exciting dishes or love natural wine? Then Osaka is your place. For example, try the savoy cabbage with curry sauce. Be sure to book in time here, as it is a popular destination among Antwerp locals. Should you feel more like staying outside, have a picnic in the park or by the water. Get a seasonal Bunch or Apero Box from Bunch and enjoy Antwerp's hustle and bustle.