Reorganise your workspace | Tips & work essentials

Your suitcase has been stored away and you have selected all your favourite vacation photos for the annual holiday album. It’s time to get back to work. From cosy get togethers and days away to filling lunch boxes and answering emails. On the first day back at work after your vacation, you notice that your desk looks as untouched as when you left three weeks ago. Your drawer is filled with old notes, and you've already lost your headphone. Clearly, some reorganising is necessary.

Completely reorganising your workplace helps to get a fresh start at work. By taking a moment to slow down and reflect on what inspires you in your workspace, you create space for self-expression. This process helps you tailor your workspace to your liking, fostering a motivating environment.

The environment you find yourself in directly impacts your mental well-being. Creating a nice and calm workspace will help you work more productively and makes you feel more comfortable. Reorganising works wonders!   


By getting rid of all unnecessary items, you’ll free up a significant amount of space. You become a lot calmer mentally and experience more freedom to let creative thoughts run wild. Unsure where to begin? Consider clearing your desk completely and filling it with only 10% of essential items. This forces you to prioritise what truly matters. All that remains can be stored away or discarded.

"Reducing the amount of stuff in our space also reduces the amount of dust, and we actually clean more often."
— Marie Kondo


Your workspace is a place where you spend a lot of your time. To make sure you feel comfortable, you can personalise your space according to your preferences. It is not always necessary to completely empty your desk. Use self-expression to create an ideal environment for you. Self-expression reflects what you find important and what makes you feel good. Therefore, in addition to your essential items, add something personal to your workspace. Look for something that resonates with you and contributes to your happiness.

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Consider adding personal items to your desk or investing in high-quality products. Determine what suits you best and incorporate it into your workspace. Aim to select just one item to avoid cluttering your workspace unnecessarily.    


Allocate time during your day for self-care. As part of your workspace reorganisation, create a designated self-care area. Keep some self-care essentials within easy reach of your workstation. With the Fab Seventies upright toiletry bag, you can keep all these self-care items organised. This approach allows you to pause during the day and create a moment for yourself. Include self-care items such as hand cream, cuticle oil, a journal, or lavender oil.

"Bottom line is, if you do not use it or need it, it's clutter, and it needs to go."
– Charisse Ward 


Don't forget that your laptop or computer, calendar and perhaps your phone are also part of your workspace. As part of your routine, organise these devices and tools as well. Choose new, calm backgrounds, and organise all folders. Again, you can dispose of anything unnecessary. 


Reorganising your workspace doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to make a mess. Especially in creative fields, all sorts of things are lying around on your desk. The key is not to leave the desk empty and tidy, but rather to sweep it clean during the day.   


An organised workspace takes on different forms for different people. While some might prefer a notebook within reach, others may benefit from inspirational magazines. Perhaps you only need a glass of water and a cup of tea, while leaving the rest of the desk clean. Balancing an organised workspace with your specific needs will reveal what works best for you. After a few weeks, reflect on the reorganisation and add your personal touch to your routines.    


With a few simple items, you can streamline your workspace and maintain tidiness throughout the day: 

  • A storage space under or on top of your desk: to keep work and personal items organised. 
  • Cable holder: manage the numerous cables that are lying around. A nice cable holder keeps everything neatly together.  
  • Waste bin: for swift disposal of unnecessary items and papers.  
  • Just one notebook or a bin for all your notes: collect all notes, loose thoughts, questions, or comments from colleagues in one place. This prevents scattered notes and ideas.   

Equipped with these inspirational tips and essential tools, you’re prepared to reorganise your workspace. Create a workspace you love to return to and where you get inspired by your surroundings. Make a mess, discover what works for you and clean it up. Feel the freedom in the workspace, which is all yours, and embrace your needs.