Back to work | How to hold on to that relaxed summer feeling

Reading a book in the garden while enjoying the sun or having a cup of coffee with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Enjoying a luxurious vacation in France or embracing the beauty of nature in a tent somewhere in Sweden. 

The feeling of not having to do anything dominates the summer months and, with autumn just around the corner, we prepare for chilly days close to the fireplace. How nice would it be if we could experience that summer feeling all year round? Let us share some tips with you to maintain that relaxed feeling.

Easy start at work

When we hear the alarm clock ring, we quickly get caught up in the busy everyday routine. Therefore, start your workday calm and easy with a slow morning routine. Take a look at this week’s schedule and write down today's tasks. Don’t start off too fast: listen to your gut feeling and slow down a bit if you notice yourself feeling stressed. A cup of coffee or a small conversation with that one colleague is a great way to feel more at ease.

→ For more information on a slow morning routine, read our Summer Slow Down Guide.

Make self-care a priority

The moment you think about your needs and act towards them, you start prioritising yourself. Adding self-care to your workday can be as simple as taking a walk during lunch or paying attention to your breathing. 

Increase your productivity

By enhancing your productivity, you start your workday motivated and you ensure a qualitative flow of your tasks. The Kanban-method is an effective way to organise your working day.

The Kanban-method was introduced by Taiichi Ohno and provides a way to increase your productivity. By focusing on one task instead of multiple tasks at once, the Kanban-method states your productivity is greatly increased. 

Check in on yourself regularly

For your mental well-being as well as your physical well-being, it is essential to check in with yourself regularly. Listening to your body and mind will prevent you from losing yourself. Make it a habit to check in with yourself regularly during the day. How do you feel at this moment? What do you need right now? For example, when standing at the checkout in a shop or supermarket, "I'm standing in a queue, how do I feel?"

Slow and balanced evening

If your working day is mainly during the day, the evening is a great moment to unwind. For those who work in the evening, the morning or afternoon is the time to slow down. Take your time to get back from work calmly and leave some space in your calendar to spend time on yourself. Enjoy a warm shower or take some time for that creative hobby you enjoy so much. 

Maintain your summer rhythm

Try to get a good night’s sleep every night.  As autumn approaches, it is best if you don’t deviate too much from the sleep schedule you maintained in summer. The earlier the sun sets, the more tired your body will start to feel. By giving in to this fatigue, your biological clock gets confused, and you start to feel tired earlier on the day. Finding balance between the hours of sleep you need and your summer schedule is essential for your level of energy during autumn.  

Give your new routine some time

During summer vacation, both your morning and your evening routine look very different. Find your way into a new, slow and calm routine and give yourself time to make it your own. There is no harm in falling down and getting up again. Just by doing it, you will learn what suits you best and you can optimise the routine. 

By adding some small routines, you maintain the slow, calm feeling of summer in autumn. Where the cold used to be an obstacle, now you pull out a jumper with a smile. You can even light some candles. Prioritising yourself ensures that you can give love to others and embrace the world around you. Don't be too hard on yourself, there is no point doing so. Change takes time.

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