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Customer service

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When you would like to use the return slip and if you no longer have or never received this, then click here to obtain a new return slip. 


Please checkmark the item you wish to return and add the completed return slip to the item in the package. 


Preferably use the return slip provided with the item upon purchase. 





You can check our e-store to see if an item is in stock. This information is given underneath the price. If an item us temporarily sold out, this will also be clearly stated, together with the date when the product will be back in stock. 

Orders made before 13:00 on working days will be shipped the same day. DPD usually delivers products within the Netherlands the following office day. Click here to see DPD delivery times to all the countries in the European Union (the country of dispatch is the Netherlands).

Orders for addresses outside of the European Union and the Canary Islands are send through PostNL, click here to see the estimated delivery times. 

Deliveries outside of the European Union have a higher chance to be delayed, because of the greater distances involved in these shipments. These delivery times are estimates only, the actual time it takes to deliver a shipment may diviate from these estimates. 

Upon receipt of your order, you have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days without reason and to return your order. You can use the standard cancellation form (PDF) you have received with your order confirmation or the return slip you have received with your order, but this is not obligatory. In case you will use the return slip, please follow the return instructions and then don't forget to pack the return slip with the products you want to return. If you have ordered multiple items in a single order, the 14-day period begins after you receive the last item.


After notification of your return you have another 14 days to send your order back to us. 


We would like to ask your attention for the following:


1. The item you want to return must arrive at our company visibly unused and undamaged.

2. A transparent protective film is applied to some of our suitcases. We kindly request you to not partially or completely remove this film unless you are sure you want to keep the suitcase. 

3. Preferably return the product in its original packaging and always send a suitcase in a sturdy box. 


You are only liable for decrease in value of the products that is the consequence of the use of the products, more than to establish the nature, characteristics and function of the products. 


No longer have or did not receive a return slip? Then click here.






Depending on the product and model purchased, all our products are supplied with a 12-month, 2-year or 5-year warranty. This covers improper material and production defects (as the phrase goes). If this is the case, we will repair or replace your item free of charge. We decide this at our discretion. In addition, if we no longer stock the item or model, we will replace it with an item or model of similar value.

(TSA) Lock

That is indeed right. It is called a TSA lock, which is locked and opened with a number combination. When flying to the US, you must comply with the requirements of the US Customs and Security Authorities. These state that you must be able to open your suitcase at any time so its contents can be checked. If your suitcase is closed with a normal number lock, you run the risk of having to break your suitcase open for checks. A TSA lock avoids this risk because customs personnel can open it with a master key. This is something that only happens if there is reason to do so, obviously.

You can set your lock in a couple of easy steps. However, you first need to know which lock is fitted to your suitcase. Here you can view all our current locks, with videos below on how to set them. You can also view a description of the lock in a PDF document or print this out. That is useful if you want to reset your lock later.


View here the PDF about TSA combination lock.
View here the PDF about Caretta lock.


TSA combination lock


Caretta combination lock

If you set the number of your lock and then forget it, there is no easy solution. If there were, others could also easily gain access to your suitcase, because word gets around quickly when it comes to such tricks... The only solution is to try out all 999 combinations (000, 001, 002, 003 etc. until 999). This seems like a time-consuming job, but actually it should not take more than 30 minutes.

TSA stands for ‘Transport Security Administration’, a security agency founded after the 9/11 attacks and which is part of the US Department of Homeland Security. This agency deals with the safety of travelers to and within the United States. When you fly to the US, your luggage may be opened by TSA officers for inspection. If they cannot open your suitcase easily, they may force it open, leaving you to find your suitcase with a broken lock when you collect it from baggage claim. A TSA lock avoids this unnecessary damage.

TSA officers leave an information card in any opened suitcase to inform you that your suitcase was opened by them.