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If you no longer have or never received a return slip, then click here to obtain a new return slip. 


Print the slip and fill it out with the right order number (5 digit number) and a clear description of the item that you wish to return. Add the completed return slip to the item in the shipping box. 


Preferably use the return slip provided with the item upon purchase. 



Upon receipt of your order, you have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days without giving any reasons and to return your order. Use the return slip you've received with your order. Follow the return instructions and don't forget to pack the return slip with the products you want to return. If you have ordered multiple items in a single order, the 14-day period begins after you receive the last item.


You can also use the cancellation form (PDF), but this is not obligatory. You have 14 days to send your order back to us after you notified us that you want to return it.


There are some important points to keep in mind:


1. The item you want to return must arrive at our company visibly unused and undamaged.

2. A transparent protective film is applied to some of our suitcases. Do not partially or completely remove this film unless you are sure you want to keep the suitcase. We cannot accept your suitcase or exchange it if this protective film is damaged, because we will be unable to sell it anybody else.

3. Always send the return slip.

4. Preferably return the product in its original packaging and always send a suitcase in a sturdy box. If the product arrives damaged, we may charge you for loss of value.


No longer have or did not receive a return slip? Then click here

Yes, you can exchange your item for one with a different design, colour or size. Return your item to us within 14 days of receipt, so that we can refund the amount paid. In the meantime, you can order the item you want from the e-store.

Yes, no problem, provided you bought the product from the e-store. You can simply return your order within 14 days of receipt, regardless of any discount. We will refund you the purchase price within 14 days.

Yes. In order to be able to process your return shipment properly, you must complete the return slip sent with your order, and return this slip with your order.


No longer have or did not receive a return slip? Then click here

If you cancel the purchase and return all the ordered items, we will refund the purchase price and any shipping charges within 14 days of receiving your return shipment. We will refund you with the same currency and payment method which you used to make your original order.


We may charge you for any loss of value if the item is damaged or has been used.


That would be very unpleasant, but we are not responsible for your returned product being damaged or lost underway. Always ask for a track & trace code and proof of shipment, and keep these safe. If your shipment is then damaged or lost, you can hold the carrier responsible.

You must pay the cost of returning your order yourself, unless we made a mistake and sent you an item that you did not order.