Back to the Seventies

Those were the years of self-examination. The time in which optimism and idealism prevailed. When dreams of a society without possessions were voiced out loud – and an economy of sharing was thought to be bliss. Times in which materialism was exchanged for experiences: those were the seventies. As revolutionary as they were then, as on-point as they are now. This year, SUITSUIT launched a collection that puts this era on a pedestal: Fab Seventies. Creative Director Eric Koedijk explains what inspired him to travel back forty years to such a remarkable time.

Eric, can you shortly explain what this collection is about?
“The Fab Seventies is basically a follow-up collection of the highly popular Fabulous Fifties collection. This was and still is an amazing collection that we will continue to innovate for years to come. But having said that, it’s a very specific design. There are women out there who are looking for something different. A style that, like the Fabulous Fifties, suits any woman who embraces traveling as a lifestyle, but prefers a slightly more preserved look with a warm touch. The seventies inspired us to create that.”

What do you mean with a warm touch?
“The colors are somewhat more earthy, warm. This specifically appeals to the women we target with this collection. Women who consciously look for warmth. Not temperature-wise, but warmth in the sense of hospitality, safety, trust. That fits her kind character. The woman who chooses Fab Seventies is a lot more idealistic. She will value experiences over possession, sees the world’s vulnerability and focuses on existential questions in life. She travels to explore herself. That’s exactly how the seventies characterized themselves too. It makes a lot of sense that, with this audience in mind, we chose this decade as our source of inspiration.”

So, how can we notice that in the designs?
“Primarily the use of color. There’s not a single decade as colorful as the seventies. We’ve been particularly inspired by the interior design back then. Comfortable seating pits, warm colors, natural fabrics, soft shapes. We’ve added natural materials such as linen and cotton, accompanied by packaging made of recycled kraft cardboard. Having said that, the color palette really is the most important here. Green, blue, soft pink, cream white… typical seventies.”

Why is this a typical SUITSUIT-collection, in your opinion?
“In any collection, you will always find a broader outlook on traveling than suitcases and bags alone. We believe it’s about more than physical movement; traveling is about a way of life, a journey that puts self-exploration at the heart of it. It’s about being inspired, realizing passions, dreams, goals. That in itself is directly related to the seventies, as I explained earlier.

But what I believe reinforces this message, is the fact that we’ve designed more than suitcases and bags, because we took a look at the experience as a whole. Traveling is about comfort, experience, feeling fab, feeling proud. The designs and all accessories – think: make up bags, packing cubes – create that overall experience together. We simply want to be your best travel friend. That’s always been our aim, it still is.”

Check the entire Fab Seventies collection here.