Perfect packing: peace of mind with the Packing Cubes

A plastic bag for your shoes. Oh right, one more for laundry. Panties? Ah well, you’ll just stick ‘em to the side – fill in the gaps. O dearest, your bikini is still soaking wet. And you need to get your *ss to the airport!! Oh what a hassle. You were so chilled out after your break. Not anymore. Is there another way to go about this? The answer is: yes.

Space in your suitcase, space in your head
How blissful traveling can be. On a vacation or a business trip… you’re out of the ordinary strain of life! But there’s these little things that can impact that feeling of relaxation. Chaos puts a stop to flow. Chaos in your suitcase will deprive you of peaceful traveling. And you know what? That is really not necessary…

SUITSUIT proudly presents the Packing Cubes. Flawless designed cubes that store all your stuff easily. They are like little packages that are cut out for your SUITSUIT suitcase perfectly. Perfectly… really? Yes. We’ve designed a packing cubes set for each size suitcase.

Conscious packing
Just imagine how lovely it would be to find your shirts aren’t creased? To find your delicates in one place? To be able to retrieve your bikini in a heartbeat? Such a relief! But did you know it actually helps you to pack more consciously? And that you will only bring what you want to bring because of it? That you can actually bring more than before? Exactly: it’s bliss. How you divide your precious clothes across the cubes is up to you. But what will unfold in front of your eyes in any case, is a beautiful, neat cube design that fills up your suitcase. More importantly? That frown (‘oh no, I can’t find my earrings!’) has turned into a smile.

Overview, order
Please get this: it’s more than packing cubes. It’s a wonder to the eye that appreciates overview. Your nana probably preached calmth, cleanliness and rhythm back in the days – well, this puts it in a whole new perspective. Good to know: soon, you’ll be able to put all your laundry in the new laundry bag. The wet bikini in the bikini bag (nope, it won’t leak). Shoes in the shoe bags, and you’re D.O.N.E.

Peace of mind starts with packing, dear. Find out which ones fit your SUITSUIT best!