We asked you to turn your most memorable holiday stories into a blog and share them with us. Today, Berber (20) shares her story: about spontaneous quad trips, good food, and the most beautiful photos she takes with her drone.

Finally, the time has come to enjoy our holidays together again! It's great to be travelling again, packing your things and discovering the world. My boyfriend and I like seeing as much of the world as possible and we are right on track. Once we arrive at our holiday destination, we always look for a quad, so we can tour around the island and discover beautiful places ourselves.

We get on the quad and just drive wherever we want to. It’s amazing to be driving around the most beautiful beaches of the island, visiting mountain villages and going out for dinner. We love it. As soon as we finish our dinner, we look for a nice beach where we can watch the sunset. This is always one of our favourite things to do. To just put our feet in the sand and end the day together.

As I mentioned before, what we like most is just driving around the destination and exploring the area ourselves.We decide where and when to go, to stop at all the beautiful places and just enjoy the view. We even have our own drone, and use it to take great pictures or to see places from a different angle. This always results in very unique photographs, and we don't want to be without one anymore.