We asked you to turn your most memorable holiday stories into a blog and share them with us. Today, Stephanie (32) shares her story: about sunrise at Lake Garda, an overload of ice cream and the romantic city of Verona.

Last year, we travelled to Lake Garda - what a surprise, since half of the Dutch population visits this region - but it is so beautiful over there! From dawn to dusk and even at night with the lights still on, you will be surprised by the beautiful views.

The small picturesque villages such as Garda, Lazise and Limone (where everything smells like lemon) are nice to visit and all overlook a different side of Lake Garda, so you have a new view every time.

I am a real ice cream freak, so my mantra is: there is always room for ice cream. Sirmione is a very good spot for ice cream and whether you have one scoop or two, the price remains the same. If you eat it in a cone, you will be amazed, at least I am, as they are very generous! With the ice cream in our hands, we walked through the beautiful old town of Sirmione.

I am not a big fan of the big cities, since they are too crowded and confusing, so we spend one day in Verona. It is not a very big city like Rome, so it was just perfect for me. One thing I really wanted to see in Verona was 'Casa di Giulietta' from Romeo and Juliet. There was such a long line to get there, it is truly a must-see attraction - but we still decided to wait in line. It was nice to see, but maybe a little waste of time. And if you are superstitious, just touch Juliet's right breast and you will be blessed with love! Since we are happily in love, we let this one pass us by.

At the end of almost every day, we floated around on Lake Garda to cool off, and then went out for dinner in Cisano. Time and time again, before the bill was paid, we were offered some limoncello. I passed it on to my husband nine times out of ten, since it tastes so good but is way too sweet for me.