What to pack?

After you have made a decision about your destination and the trip is booked, it’s time to face a new challenge: packing the suitcase. My love for travel does not always go hand in hand with my love for fashion. I like to fill my suitcase with as many outfits as possible, since you never know what happens on the road. Only to find out that when I got home, the four so-called 'spare outfits' I packed were a bit too much.

I'm not the type of person who packs her suitcase in a structured manner. Usually, it’s a matter of collecting everything and creating a nice pile of clothes on my bed - and then trying to measure and fit it within my suitcase. One technique that does help me tremendously is rolling up my clothes into packing cubes. This way, you create a lot more space compared to folding your clothes.

Anyway, what will I take with me on the trip? I've been looking into the best desert outfits and have come to the conclusion that, in addition to fashionable items, I also need some practical items.

So, in addition to good sunglasses, flowy dresses and a nice scarf, think about taking a hat, sunscreen, and a sturdy bag that can handle rough circumstances. One thing I will definitely bring with me on this trip is my camera. Usually, I reach for my phone, yet a camera has the effect of capturing beautiful moments with more details.
A good water bottle could also be of great use. The temperatures are quite high since I travel during the summer season. Think of 25 to 40 degrees. Morocco is, with its subtropical climate, a country of high and low extremes. I have not even mentioned the temperature in the desert yet, which can be totally different from the temperatures in the centre of the country. It can get up to 50 (!) degrees. So, those sunscreen and water bottles are very useful.

As I write this, I look at my journal, which is (apart from my passport) the last thing I have to take with me. I want to memorize my trip and experiences and love to write down my thoughts. Let me put my journal down for now, because it’s time to make a list of everything I need to pack.

I hope that I can take you along with me on my trip by journaling, because there is no more room in my suitcase!

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