The best 5 islands in the world

We all love to dream a little when it comes to travelling, and when you do, why not do it with the best islands in the world? From powdery white beaches to world’s most exquisite resorts. What a way to beat those Monday blues. While the list of best islands in the world is far too long for them all to be mentioned below, we selected our top 5 for you.

Boracay, Philippines 
With only seven km tall and 500 m wide, it’s definitely the smallest islands on this list. Nevertheless, more than worth to mention. The island is located in the western part of the Philippines and offers one main attraction: White Beach. Only four km tall and known for its powdery white sand beaches and shallow turquois water. The place to be for snorkel lovers. 

To control the amount of tourists, there is a limit on the number of daily visitors. 

Fiji islands
With over 300 islands, with only 110 inhabited, Fiji counts no shortage of pristine tropical islands. From all over the world, people visit one of the islands as it’s known for their biodiversity and beautiful reefs, which makes it the perfect spot for divers. The crystal-clear water and sandy beaches makes it the perfect spot for honeymooners. 

Isla Holbox, Mexico
Sandy roads where no cars are allowed (people hire a golf cart or bike), reggae tunes coming from several bars, and hammocks placed in the shallow water. Mexico’s tiny island Isla Holbox is a true paradise on earth and an absolute must visit. With a main town being a jumble of restaurants serving the best Mexican cuisine, colorful bars, Caribbean shops and walls covered in the most beautiful street art creations. 

The Seychelles are an archipelago of 115 islands. Crisp white beaches, crystal-clear (did we say crystal?) waters, lush hills and many palm trees. Daily views as perfect as a postcard. Very popular amongst honeymooners and we understand why. Expect phenomenal snorkeling and diving, the most exquisite resorts and the best restaurants the world has to offer. 

Last but certainly not least: the Maldives. They count 26 atolls and over 2000 small islands, not to speak about the amount of luxury accommodation you can find on the islands. From high class villas to underwater restaurants; a holiday at the Maldives is the quintessential pastime of the rich and famous.

Your Monday couldn’t get any bluer when talking about those bounty islands. In need of more travel inspiration? Make sure to follow us on Instagram.

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