Holiday coming up? This is how you find your perfect suitcase match

With the summer holidays coming up, we can start dreaming again: a city trip, a weekend enjoying the sun, or maybe your travels are taking you further away this time. I’ve already been busy preparing for my well-deserved vacation. However, packing is - and always will be - a challenge: which suitcase is the ideal suitcase for me and my trip? 

Let’s discover our perfect match together.


Whether you’re a light or heavy traveller, this suitcase will always have you covered for a weekend getaway. With the storage compartments in the SUITSUIT carry-on suitcases, you can organize your belongings. 

If you decide on a weekend getaway closer to home, there’s a good chance you’ll travel by train. Thanks to the smooth wheels, you’ll have no problem walking around the platforms. Besides that, you can take it with you on a plane since the suitcase meets all the requirements for carry-on. For a weekend getaway, whether you go by train or by plane, this is most likely your perfect match. 


This medium suitcase is mainly for those who leave home for a longer period of time. It’s also for travellers who need something that has a bit more room than a carry-on for a weekend getaway. For me, this is my go-to suitcase when I go on holiday for a few weeks. For summer vacations, I can easily go two weeks with this suitcase.

Do these situations sound like yours? You’ve found your match! However, if you’re jumping on a plane to the other side of the world soon, you might want to read a little further. 


Going out into the world for more than two weeks? Then you’ll want to leave with a suitcase like this by your side. This SUITSUIT is ideal for my long trips: it has enough space and strolling is just as easy as with a carry-on. Besides that, it’s ideal for sharing it with your partner, friends or for those souvenirs that you really, really needed..


Last but not least: travel with SUITSUIT’s Duo Sets, including a carry-on and large-size suitcase. It’s perfect for a longer trip where you want to take your luggage with you easily, yet stylishly. For example, a road trip that lasts a few weeks, a big trip with several flights, or an interrail trip with many train rides. 

I hope I was able to help you prepare for your trip. Now it’s time to start packing and - most importantly - finally get out there! Discover and enjoy, with your perfect match by your side.