Going on holiday with your girlfriends without any disagreement

Have you planned a weekend getaway or a holiday with a girlfriends’ gang? Sounds fun! You have already started daydreaming about laying on the beach, going shopping, drinking cocktails, having dinners and parting all together. BUT a getaway with your girlfriends also means considering others’ wishes and opinions. And sometimes, it could be a challenge. To let your holiday preparation and the holiday itself go smoothly, SUITSUIT shares a couple of helpful tips.

One loves nothing more than a city-trip, meanwhile, another yarns to escape the daily life on a beach. Everyone has his/her image of the perfect holiday. So, talk it over. Discuss how every member of the group envisions the ideal girls’ trip. Afterwards, choose an awesome destination together.
Suggest your friends come up with three dream destinations each. Later, talk them through in the group. Who knows, maybe there will be a lot of matches or unexpected and exciting new suggestions.

A hotel, an Airbnb apartment, a hostel or maybe a glamping – there are so many options and, most likely, there is a big discussion going on in your group about where to stay. If the group can’t make a choice, discuss how much time you plan to spend at the accommodation. A luxurious villa with a swimming pool maybe not such a brilliant idea when you all are eager to lay on the beach, jump into the sea and later head into the city. 
Check the group’s budget and decide how to spend it. Do you prefer to pay extra €100 on a hotel or book an exciting activity instead?

A girls’ trip is super fun, but it is not for free. Money often becomes a stumbling-stone. Therefore, discuss your budget in advance. 
Sit together and think through how much you will spend on groceries, dinners out and drinks. Make a joint wallet to cover the expenses or set a rule that everyone pays for their own needs and wishes.

Surely your girls’ gang and you love the same things. Yet you can enjoy different activities from time to time. Or someone wants to take a break and stay in her hotel room watching Netflix. Be honest with each other and respect each other’s wishes. This what the friends are for, right?
Are you planning a trip with a big group? Divide into two smaller groups based on interests during the day and come all together for a fabulous dinner.

At the end of the (holi)day, the most important is that you all have fun. It’s great that you manage to talk things through and create a good holiday program. But things often go not as planned. And that’s OK. Breath, relax and enjoy time with your besties.
Good luck!


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