Imagine the following scenario: You move through the changing landscape like a true movie star while Nina Simone's Ain't Got No - I Got Life echoes through the speakers. A gentle breeze blows through your hair, and you casually check the time on your watch. You may not be driving a classic Ford Mustang, dressed in extravagant sunglasses and a head scarf, but the feeling is complete. The SUITSUIT design team has captured this essence in the new FUSION collection. The large straw bags and stylish tweed miniskirts with which style icons from the 60’s made their way as a follow-up to the classic 50’s. The years in which Brigitte Bardot's trend-setting hairstyle flourished and the charm of The Beatles intoxicated thousands of women. But who was Bardot, apart from her hairstyle? And why exactly do the sixties form a source of inspiration for the collection? Allow yourself to be taken on a journey along female style icons who radiate finesse, charm, simplicity, and elegance like no other.


Twiggy immediately comes to mind when you think of the 1960s: a stunning appearance with captivating eyes and large fake eyelashes. Twiggy can best be described as one of the first international supermodels to conquer the fashion industry. She is known for her androgynous posture, which gave her the name 'Twiggy'. Her style is characterised by bold colour combinations and the classic A-line mini dress. Determined as she was, she decided to switch to the film industry after a four-year modelling career. In her own words, she 'didn't want to be a coat hanger forever'. You go, Twigs.


The 'free spirited' Soad Hosny was also known as the 'Egyptian Cinderella'. The film actress sparkled in the spotlight and was looked up to as a true fashion icon. Her style palette included wide skirts and A-line dresses - but more often she showed up in a laid-back boyfriend look. Think of an oversized linen blouse, jeans, easy trainers and, as an elegant touch, a scarf wrapped around her neck. She also breathed new life into the polka-dot skirt and swept through the Arab film world like a breath of fresh air.


Anyone who imagines Brigitte, must think of her striking blonde topped hair. With her wild, untamed, and charming appearance - Bardot was the embodiment of the French 'je ne sais quoi'. She worked as a model, singer and actress and became famous for her role in 'Et Dieu. Créa la Femme'. She made the former fishing village of Saint-Tropez into a real jet set and was inspired by the 'Breton stripe' worn by the fishermen. The fashion industry also fell deeply in love with the so-called 'Bardot Neckline', the off-shoulder look that, to this day, is admired and worn by many women on trips to the beach, romantic picnics, and evening parties.


As the first black woman to appear on the cover of American Vogue, she is a leading lady in the fashion world - and a muse for artists like Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol. Even though her mother encouraged her to pursue a career as a nurse, she made her own plans and entered the modelling world. It was there that her characteristic and authentic manner stole many hearts. Whenever she was asked where she came from, she would answer 'I come from the moon', as a way of avoiding unnecessary questions. This anecdote is characteristic of the model, whose name, 'Luna' refers to. 


No nonsense, nonchalant - artistic and elegant. These are a few words to describe Edie Segdwick. Besides her work as an actress and model, she still has an influence on today's fashion world. Her notably heavy and somewhat messy eye makeup contrasted with her natural look. She mastered the playfulness and simplicity we strive for in the Fusion collection. Think of a simple black sweater, combined with large statement earrings.  A pixie-cut hairstyle, but always rocking flat shoes. Segdwick was a true flirt and, despite her aristocratic origins, dressed anything but posh.


Pattie's endless ambition was not limited to her turbulent modelling career - she decided to capture beauty behind the lens herself as a photographer. She was an inspiration to many women, with her love for miniskirts and dresses, as well as a fascination for bohemian outfits. She was often spotted wearing a floppy hat, which was a beautiful large hat that gave her look a mysterious and elegant feel. Boyd did - and wore - what she wanted - a chic turtleneck, with girlish braids and simple A-line dresses with knee-high socks. Once married to George Harrison and, after a divorce, remarried to Eric Clapton, she inspired songs like 'I need you' and 'Wonderful tonight'.