Finding a destination for my solo trip

I am going on a solo trip.. I'M GOING ON A SOLO TRIP. Sorry, I just had to write it down in capital letters because that's what it sounds like in my head. I'm really trying to focus on everyday life, but to be honest, my mind keeps wandering. Where is it wandering to?  Perhaps a cultural vacation in Macedonia, or the other side of the globe: New Zealand? Vibrant Morocco or icy Iceland? I can go anywhere I want so I made a short list of the places I’m considering. Have a look, I'm curious which place you would pick!


I know Macedonia is not an obvious vacation destination, but the combination of nature, forests, mountains, and beautiful weather are very appealing to travellers. The low prices also make it attractive to go to Macedonia, since you wouldn’t be spending too much. It is a relatively safe destination and that is certainly an important point of attention for me as a travelling woman. The fact that it is not a very well-known destination makes it attractive to me. I like to discover unknown destinations and even if I go to a familiar place - explore the unknown.

New Zealand

When I think of New Zealand, I think of far-reaching green landscapes, great sulphur lakes and spouting geysers. How about the volcanoes located in Tongariro National Park? I could enjoy an environment full of greenery and already see myself strolling with my backpack in the 'land of the kiwi'. The amount of inspiration I could find there is endless. What’s also important to me is the large number of animals that can be found on the island; from whales (!) to the tuatara. I hadn't heard of the tuatara before, but I did some research. The tuatara is the very last reptile still descended from the age of dinosaurs. How cool is that?


Morocco is also described as a "fairyland’’.  I could get lost in narrow alleys and be surprised by the oriental scents and the vastness of the Sahara. I could be absorbed in the Arabian nights, indulging in the delicious cuisine full of colourful spices. It seems like Morocco offers something for all of us with its beautiful beaches, its mysterious places and its very rich culture. The centre of Marrakech is ancient and known for its wondrous markets. The variety of locations and experiences seems so incredibly beautiful to me.


Volcanoes, glaciers, sulphur springs; Iceland seems like a feast for the eyes with its captivating natural phenomena. It is one of the most popular destinations for nature lovers. This beautiful country is home to the largest glacier in the world: the Vatnajökull. Not to mention the wonderful hot water spas, created by the lava on the ground, that are scattered throughout the country. Next to exploring the beautiful nature, I could also visit the beautiful capital city Reykjavik. The westernmost capital of Europe and, with its location just south of the Arctic Circle, also the world's northernmost capital.

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